Kibumba Tented Camp

Kibumba Tented Camp

Kibumba Tented Camp

The latest of all camps in Virunga National Park is this Kibumba tented camp. It’s a budget friendly lodge and friendly in all way aspects especially for those that want to experience mountain gorillas in Virunga and Nyiragongo areas.

Kibumba host about 36 guests at a time with 18 teants. This camp is the closest to the border with Rwanda in Goma and also to the foot of Nyiragongo making it the most suitable place to stay.

The tent is furnished and filled with all necessities making it no different from a luxurious suite: good food, a bar, private shower, comfortable bed etc.

There are two mess tents where dinner and other meals are served. There is also a lounge for relaxing and sharing experiences of the adventures you are yet to take and have already taken.

The camp can therefore be a good spot for these who want to track gorillas. If you spend three nights at this camp, there is definitely no way you will miss the gorillas.

This camp is also a good place if you are going to hike Nyiragongo where you will see the lave lake which is also the largest in the world. You can spend a night at the summit and then descend the next day.

You can spend the other day at the shores of Lake Kivu; it’s a beautiful beach to relax after that long adventure.  With such complementary to staying at this camp, make sure you have it on your list.

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