Mikeno Lodge

Mikeno Lodge

In Virunga National park a UNESCO Heritage site is where this Luxurious Mikeno Lodge facility is located. It is a balance of adventure and serenity in the wild. It’s recommended for friendliness and comfort. It’s a perfect place for gorilla trekking safaris and a center for bird watching and it’s also a point for many of Virunga monkeys.

Mikeno lodge gives good views of the Nyiragongo Volcano and the rift Valley. The lodge is a 90 minutes’ drive from the Border town of Goma. There are about 12 structures or rooms at the lodge each with a unique setting all surrounded by forest and build with lava stones and Mahogany.

It is home to a variety of the Congo’s 1,185 known species of birds; baboons, colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.

There is an excellent restaurant that offers indoor or outdoor dining, with a selection of fresh cuisine – breakfast is included but additional meals are not.

The facility is a perfect location for most safari activities like chimpanzee trekking which is usually done in the forest adjacent to the lodge, the lodge is also nears the starting point for those that want to hike Nyiragongo the still active volcano. The area is also distinctive for the mountain gorillas and there is a local gorilla orphanage that you can visit too. Treks to glimpse gorillas in the wild are also frequent, and unsurprisingly very popular with guests.

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