Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelters

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelters

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelters

Mount Nyiragongo Summit Shelters: Hike is a mountain is a big risk but spending a night on the top of a mountain and more so a volcano is even more insane and usually people think it is an activity only for the daring but because mountain Nyiragongo is predictable it being an active volcano even makes it more safe for you.

The facilities up on the mountain are just basic compared to the accommodation facilities on its foothills. The once-in-a-lifetime sights offered from the crater rim – particularly the breathtaking lava lake at the volcano’s center – makes the experience worth far more than a stay in a luxury  hotel.

The huts are made of material designed to keep you warm and keep the shelter dry and give you a confortable sleep after hours of long trekking.

The setting of these huts gives you a stunning view by day from the rolling mist to the green scenery and lake Kivu, on the opposite side of the ridge from Nyiragongo’s crater, you’ll also be able to look out at the colossal Shaheru, an older volcano surrounded by small cinder cones, all reclaimed by vegetation.

When the night falls the unique of this setting opens up again. The bubbling, seething lava lake at the centre of Nyiragongo is one of the world’s largest – some say the largest – and standing atop the crater rim gazing down into this fiery cauldron is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Should you be able to tear your eyes away from the shifting sheets of magma within, you can retire to the warmth of your hut and fall asleep to the rumbling of Nyiragongo below you.

Children must be 12 years of age or older to obtain a trekking permit for Nyiragongo. For parents staying at other accommodations in and around Virunga, a caretaker can be arranged to look after your child while you trek.

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