Ngila Lodge Virunga

Ngila Lodge Virunga

Ngila Lodge Virunga

Ngila Lodge is a new addition of the Virunga national park to host the visitors of the park for a night or two on their visit. The Ngila lodge is a new luxury property in the Gorilla sector. Virunga national park has previously had three accommodation options that is Kibumba Tented Camp, Bukima Tented camp which are both occupied by the midrange guests. The Mikeno lodge has been the only luxury option in the park but with the daily increase in number of guests, Virunga national park is building a new classic lodge for the luxury guests. 

Ngila lodge is also a tented camp with high-end tents and a lounging area facing the volcanoes that is Mount Mikeno, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Gahinga, Mount Bisoke and the Mount Nyiragongo that can be seen on a clear night glowing red from the lava boiling from a distance. Ngila lodge is scheduled to start operations in June 2020. This luxury lodge is situated right beside the Bukima Tented Camp which has been hosting the park’s midrange guests. The Virunga national park on a daily hosts 10 to 15 guests as estimated in 2019 after the reopening of the park. The numbers are increasing as security while in the park is now assured. Bukima tented camp is also in the gorilla sector is where all the gorilla treks of Virunga national park start from with a briefing. 

The Ngila lodge stands at the edge of the forest where the gorilla trekking happens in Virunga giving you breathtaking views and sounds of the park. In the past times, the mountain gorillas have visited the area and this has been an amazing sight for the guests of the Bukima tented camp. The rangers are always at stand by to protect you during these times as you enjoy the mountain gorilla’s visit. The Bukima area was previously a research station for researchers but has been modified into a good accommodation for the trekkers. Other primates like the monkeys tend to visit the campsite thus the name “Bukima” meaning the place of monkeys. The Bukima tented camp has 6 classy tents that are set up on high raised platforms from the ground with an expansive dining area and currently has been added WIFI connection to keep you connected while at the camp. The Bukima tented camp is a low key property and the services at the camp are basic so do not expect to have exotic dishes and Nespresso machine. A room at the Bukima tented camp goes for about 230 USD for a full board overnight stay.

The Ngila lodge is yet to attract more luxury guests to stay in the gorilla sector with its 8 high-class tents. The lodge has 4 double tents with big double beds and 4 twin tents with two adult size single beds. The tents are set up on high raised shelters with platforms to protect them from the running water from the rains and also from the rains during the rainy months. The dining area of the Ngila lodge is set up using volcanic rock facing the Mount Mikeno and the other volcanoes. The tents all have individual outdoor bathrooms and toilets that are connected by a canvas pathway. The showers and the baths are separate with a view of the mountains that can be seen through the current mesh window while taking a shower or a soak in the bathtub.

All the tents at the luxury Ngila lodge are equipped with wood fireplaces to keep the guests warm at night as they relax on the terrace. You can also enjoy views of the valley while at the lodge. A room at the Ngila lodge goes for 490 USD on a full board basis per night at the lodge. 

Ngila is said to be a tented camp but one can consider it a lodge since the main building is thatched with large windows and doors to keep in the warmth when needed to be provided by the fires points set up for warmth in the evenings. Meals at the lodge are fully prepared by the skilled Congolese chefs and you will surely enjoy them. It is, however, important to make clear any dietary special requests if you have any ahead of your visit to be prepared for. 

On top of staying at the lodge for gorilla tracking, one can opt to visit the nearby volcanic cave that was formed by the lava from the volcanoes in the area. It is a good site for spelunking for those interested. You may also take on some birding around the area as there is a great birdlife in that side of the forest. You may also take some time to take a walk to the nearby bamboo project and get a chance to interact with the local community. There are new packages the park has come up with after the completion of this lodge that give guests more time with the gorillas with more than one gorilla trek. The visitors planning to visit Ngila lodge will have to set off from Goma on specific days of the week. Get in touch with us to schedule your visit to this new luxurious lodge in Virunga National Park

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