Rwanda Safaris 

Rwanda as one of the most sought after East African safari destinations offers it’s visitors a whirlwind experience of activities from the wild activities to the leisure activities that fill your heart with so much joy and happiness and contentment. The list of activities you can do on your safari or tour of Rwanda is endless and fulfilling. So in this article we want to share with you some of the activities that you can take advantage of when you visit Rwanda.

Mountain gorilla trekking

This is the most sought after tourist activity in Rwanda, and the activity that attracts the most tourists in the country. The mountain gorilla trekking experience allows you to visit the forest for a chance to see the famous mountain gorillas. This activity is done all year round at the Volcanoes national park. The mountain gorillas are wildlife wonders, they are big human-like apes that live in mountainous forests.

The mountain gorilla trekking activity is usually done from morning to midday or early afternoon so you can also use your afternoon to do other activities.

And if you want more gorilla filled activities in this park you have the opportunity to visit the Dian Fossey center; a mountain gorilla museum that tells the story of the mountain gorillas and their conservation journey.

Golden monkey trekking

Still at volcanoes National Park, you have other primate activities that are monkey trekking. The most famous of all is the golden monkey trekking that is done in the lower parts of the mountainous forest.

The activity is done in the park all year round.

Chimpanzee trekking

Far down south of Rwanda is the Nyungwe forest in the Nyungwe national park; this park and forest is home to the famous chimpanzees that are only out competed by the gorillas. These primates can be seen all year round on chimpanzee treks done in the forest. The experience is next to the mountain gorilla trekking experience.

Bird watching

From Albertine Endemic birds to the usual tropical birds,  Rwanda is a bird haven,  you will be amazed at the number of birds you will see on the different birding sprees you will have in Rwanda. The bird watching sprees will allow you to see several birds in the country as you also enjoy the beauty sceneries of Rwanda.. bird watching is done in almost all at all game parks in Rwanda and everywhere you look in the thousand hills you will see the birds.

Mountain hiking

exclusively done in Volcanoes National park is an experience that will give you a chance to challenge yourself as you conquer the virunga massifs that is Mt Karismbi, Mt Muhavura, Mt Bisoke and others.

Though mountain hiking is done all year round in the park, prior booking is done to guide organization and preparation for the hike especially for the 3 day hikes.

The other thing to consider is during rainy seasons the hike may take you longer than you anticipate because of the slippery slopes, sometimes the rains are so bad you can’t even hike. So plan with the park and your tour operator this way in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Waterfall treks

Done in the Nyungwe forest down is Nyungwe national park are some of the most refreshing treks. You trek up and down the waterfalls enjoying the sounds of the water and sights of the rocks and surroundings just amazing.

Canopy walk

Done in Nyungwe National Park is one of the most exciting sightseeing ventures when you are over 70 m above the ground is just breathtaking. This activity is also done all year round in this park

Game drives

See the wonderful mighty big five animals in Rwanda’s only savannah park akagera National Park. Away from the primates, take your time and enjoy the sights of lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, Impalas on game drives in Akagera National Park.

Boat rides

Enjoying the fresh breeze of the lake while viewing animals on a boat ride on lake Ihema still in Akagera National Park.

Other activities are musanze caves visits, twin lakes tour, sport fishing, beach leisure activities at lake Kivu, Kigali City tour, genocide memorial tours, community visits, tea and coffee plantation Visits and many others.