Kundelugu National Park

Kundelugu National Park

Kundelugu National Park a tourist jewel of the Democratic Republic of Congo located in Haut- Katanga province. The magnificent park is situated 180 kilometers north east of Lubumbashi plateau which it derives its name from. Kundelungu National Park covers an area of 76,000 square kilometers and is situated in the same province and adjacent to the Upemba National Park. Kundelungu national park has a humid subtropical climate with an annual average rainfall of 1238 mm.

Kundelungu national park is an IUNCN category II Park made up of fascinating landscape ideal for safari activities like nature walks and hiking. The park is a great ecological system with over 1,800 bird species, the park is mainly covered with miombo woods with other vegetation types such as grassy savannah and forest grassland. Kundelungu national park is connected by an ecological corridor with Lake Upemba in the Katanga region which is used by animals during migration periods, the park is referred to as a sister to Upemba national park because of their location though their habitats and vegetation make them different (Upemba national park is characterized by savannah plains and miombo woodland and Kundelungu national park s fully covered by miombo woodland vegetation).

Formerly the lands of the Kundelungu national part were used as a private hunting area where hunting of animals freely too place until 1970 when the area was declared a protected area / a national park. After the land being declared a national park hunting was considered illegal because one of the main reason for gazetting this area was to protect the animals and the ecological system of the area. Kundelungu national park is an enchanting destination offering unforgettable tour experiences, and the park is made up of two zones.

In the western zone of the park consists of the stunning magnificent Lofoi falls. Lofoi falls are the highest waterfalls in Africa jetting at 384 meters in a single jet, these majestic falls are more impressive during the rainy season. The site also consists of other majestic waterfalls although two of them are more symbolic of the Lofoi falls which is Masansa and Lutshipuka. On these fall swimming is possible at Lutshipuka falls. Kundelungu national park is a shelter for various wildlife such as antelopes, Jackals, Porcupines, warthogs, snakes, monkeys, buffalos, Hippopotamuses, lions, cheetahs, leopards, Zebras, crocodiles and many more. The park is home to a variety of bird species such as cranes, egrets, marabouts, pelicans. Kundelungu national park also harbors big cats like lions though they are extremely rare and very complicated to see them in the deep miombo woodland forests.

Kundelungu national park is an enchanting Congo tourist destination offers memorable fun safari activities such as

Hiking: Hiking in Kundelungu national park is very exciting as it takes the tourists to the magnificent falls in the park, the park consists of three major magnificent waterfalls, for example, Masansa, Lutshipuka, and the great Lofoi falls which is the highest falls in Africa. Hiking to the top of the falls might be tiresome but it is very rewarding as you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the top of the falls.

Swimming and bathing: Kundelungu national park offers wonderful water activities like swimming and bathing in Lutshipuka waterfalls the only waterfall which accommodates swimming. Most tourist after a hectic hiking adventure they involve in taking a bath in the falls as a relaxation.

Sights seeing and sounds: Kundelungu national park consists of magnificent scenic view which are good for sights seeing, the heavy forested miombo woodland vegetation, the falls, and the plateau are magnificent features which attract a large number of people to visit Kundelungu national park. Lofoi fall flows to 384 meters high and as they hit the rocks they make unique natural sounds.

Bird watching: Kundelungu national park is home to a variety of bird species that live in thick forests of the park. The park is an important birding site harboring birds like cranes, egrets, marabouts, pelicans which are seen while on hiking and nature walks. The beautiful birds are heard early in the morning singing unique melodies in the middle of the thick forests which is music to the ears of bird lovers.

Wildlife viewing: Kundelungu national park is home to a variety of animals such as antelopes, jackals, servals, porcupines, warthogs, snakes, monkeys, buffalos, Hippopotamuses, crocodiles plus lions, cheetahs, leopards, and zebras. These fascinating animals are seen grazing in the thick miombo woodland forests.

Camping: For nature addicts, spending a night in the wilderness is a very exciting opportunity offering a couple of unforgettable memories. Camping in Kundelungu national park takes place at the top of the falls where you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset.

As you visit Kundelungu national park on a Congo safari Tour it is advisable to use a 4X4 type of vehicles due to the steep tenure of the park and during the wet season the trails/ roads become impassable, the park is easily accessible since it is a 2 hours’ drive from Lubumbashi.

Kundelugu National Park
Kundelugu National Park

The best time to visit Kundelungu national park is during the dry seasons of June, July, and August and also during these dry months, the vegetation is not so thick giving tourists a clear view of the animals and birds.

While at on a Congo safari tour to Kundelungu national park accommodation can be got from lodges in the park but these lodges do not have electricity that is why it is advisable to carry touches. Outside the park accommodation can be got from Pullman Lubumbashi grand karavia hotel, mokorro hotel, icon hotel and alliance guest house and many more.

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