Upemba National Park

Upemba National Park

Upemba National Park covering an area of 11,730 square kilometers is located in the southeastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo stretching through Upemba National Park is a large national park in Haut-Lomami, Lualaba Province & Haut-Katanga Province. Upemba national park is a fantastic Congo tour destination consisting of beautiful evergreen forest cover suitable for nature walks, vegetation species vary according to the altitude with Afromontane grassland and grassland at a higher altitude of Kibera mountains and miombo woodlands, tropical rain forest, marshes, wetlands and riparian vegetation on the lower altitudes. Upemba National Park consists of numerous water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and wetlands which both wildlife and fish life.

Attractions in Upemba National Park

Attractions in Upemba national park which attract a large of tourists to the park include

Wildlife: Upemba national park is a natural habitant to numerous wildlife species which are spotted grazing and playing in the open savannah grassland and dense forests, both mammals such as lions, zebras, buffalos, elephants, the endemic Katanga impala and primates such as baboons and Oribis offer good wild watching tours.

Water bodies: Upemba national park is composed of numerous water bodies like Upemba Depression Lake, Lualaba River, and swamps, these water bodies act as water sources for the animals in the park and a home to water birds and animals like crocodiles, snakes. These water bodies also add beauty to the national park.

Vegetation: Upemba national park is covered with unique vegetation cover which is so fascinating and intoxicating mostly during nature walks and wildlife watching. Over 30 species of vegetation in the park include afro montane, miombo woodlands, grasslands, tropical rain forest, and wetlands.

Kibara Mountains: Kibara Mountains found in the higher section of Upemba national park, this mountain creates an extraordinary scenic view while in the park. The slopes of this mountain contain evergreen vegetation which home to primates like baboons.

Birdlife: Upemba national park is a home a large population of bird species making it one of the top bird-watching spots in Democratic Republic of Congo, the park harbors bird species which include Chestnut owlet, Dickinson’s kestrel, wattle crane, racket-tailed roller, the rare shoebill, Angola Lark, Cisticola, miombo rock thrush, flycatchers, Nicator, honeyguide greenbul, Souza shrike.

Upemba National Park
Upemba National Park

Tour activities offered in Upemba National Park

Here are some of the Congo Tours that will make you Safari to Upemba National Park worth a while:

Wildlife watching: This park hosts many animals both mammals and primates such as baboons, Oribis, lions, zebras, buffalos and many more. These animals are seen in the deep thick forest, around Upemba depression lakes and swamps.

Bird watching: The park hosts numerous bird species offering breath taking bird watching experience, many wonderfully colored bird species such as wattle crane, racket-tailed roller, the rare shoebill, Angola Lark, Cisticola, miombo rock thrush, flycatchers, Nicator, honeyguide greenbul are seen while on nature walks and hiking.

Fishing: What a wonderful way relaxation after hectic hiking other than engaging in fishing sports, in the fishing sports many fish types are caught and after they are smoked after the activity.

Cultural encounters: On the outskirts of Upemba national park there live the pygmy hunter-gatherers and in the Batwa community many primitive activities like building houses using local materials, hunting and many more are witnessed.

Hiking: Hiking activity takes place on the slopes of Kibara Mountains on the higher section of the park, while hiking you get to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the mountain and the surroundings.

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