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2022 Volcanoes national park activities

2022 Volcanoes national park activities : The Volcanoes national park is one of Rwanda’s gems and biggest reason for tourists flocking the country year in and out. The Volcanoes national park is also referred to as the Parc National de Volcans (PNV) and is located in the Northern part of Rwanda covering an area of 160 square kilometers. The Volcanoes national park lies within the Albertine rift, in the Virunga conservation area which the Virunga national park of the DR Congo lie and the Mgahinga gorilla national park of Uganda also lie.

The Volcanoes national park was named after the numerous volcanic mountains within its territory and these are the Virunga Range Mountains. There are a number of activities offered in the Volcanoes national park and hiking up these volcanoes is one of them. The Volcanoes national park was previously the base of the late Dian Fossey and this is where her research center was based and still being managed and a visit to this center and her tomb is possible.

The Volcanoes national park is the ideal safari park for guests looking for a primate safari as this park is a home to two of the great ape taxa. The Volcanoes national park has a stunning natural beauty and the flora blended compliments the experience in the park, the birds are great for a birding experience. This article details the activities in the Volcanoes national park and their permit prices, 2022 Volcanoes national park activities.

Mountain Gorilla trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking is the most sold and purchased tourism activity of the Volcanoes national park and this activity is only done in 4 national parks in the world and the volcanoes national park is one of them. The mountain gorilla trekking permit of the Volcanoes Park goes for only 1,500 USD per person for a chance to spend a magical hour with one of the gorilla families of this park.

The mountain gorillas live in a social setting of gorilla families and there are 11 gorilla families in this park and each of these families has an allowance of 8 visitors and this puts the available number of permits per day at 88 gorilla permits. There are currently some discounted gorilla permits in Rwanda, get in touch and let us see which category you lie in and which you qualify

2022 Volcanoes national park activities
Gorilla Trekking Tours

Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkeys are another primate that you can visit on a Rwanda safari towards the Volcanoes national park. The golden monkey trekking permit goes for 100 USD and you get to spot a troop of 100 or so as the golden monkeys stay in large groups led by a dominant male.

The golden monkey trek is less strenuous as they stay in the lower altitudes of the park. This visit can be added on a mountain gorilla trekking and a permit for this activity goes for 100 USD per permit per person.

Dian Fossey tomb hike

The Dian Fossey trek gives guests a chance to trek up to the tomb of one the world’s greatest primatologist, Dian Fossey. Dian Fossey was the greatest reason the poaching of the mountain gorillas and the conservation efforts in the Virunga region started up until she was brutally murdered in her cabin.

2022 Volcanoes national park activities
Dian Fossey Hike

The Dian Fossey hike is a 3 hour hike that goes for 75 USD per person and one gets to pay their homage to her grave.

Hike a volcano

The Volcanoes national park is a home to five of the Virunga ranges and these are the Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga. If you are interested in a physical challenge when in the Volcanoes, you can choose to hike one or two of these volcanoes.

A hike up the Mount Karisimbi is a 2 day overnight hike whose permit goes for 400 USD and you can carry your own camping equipment. You may opt for the one day hikes like a hike up the Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura or Mount Gahinga whose permit goes for 75 USD per person.

There are some other activities in the Volcanoes national park such as the twin lakes Ruhondo and Burera visit, visit to the Buhanga Eco Park, take on a nature walk, visit the Musanze caves, take on a cultural visit to the Iby’iwachu cultural center or just do a birding experience. We look forward to hearing from you about your Rwanda safari to the Volcanoes national park.

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