Top 4 Rwanda Safari Activities during COVID-19

2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa

2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa: While the year 2020 was unique, and the future of travel remains unpredictable, we have noticed some encouraging tendencies in preparing for future safari travel.

One thing is certain: when traveling in 2023, health and safety will be key priorities. Travelers are becoming careful and arranging single-destination vacations to avoid several connecting flights at different international airports, many customs facilities, congested venues, and various COVID-19 health and safety requirements.

The greatest African safari sites for 2023 will be those that can provide guests with more than simply wildlife-watching opportunities. Uganda Safaris, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania should be at the top of the list of destinations to travel on safari since they can provide a variety of experiences ranging from viewing spectacular animals to enjoying world-class services and food to basking on gorgeous beaches – all without crossing international boundaries.

2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa.

Experience Wildlife in Kenya.

In 2023, Kenya is quite likely to provide some of the top African safaris. The nation has COVID-19 travel regulations for visitors and a journey for every sort of traveler. There isn’t much that tops a Kenya safari, from spectacular family safaris with kid-friendly activities to private hideaways for couples and honeymooners. Kenya’s greatest safari sites provide luxurious African safari lodging ranging from grandiose, colonial-style lodges to contemporary boutique hotels and genuine tented camps.

2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa
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The undulating grasslands of the Masai Mara provide a haven for a multitude of species such as elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, hyena, and the Mara’s famed big cats: lion, leopard, and cheetah. The reserve’s incredible density of wildlife provides a wonderful safari experience year-round, and the wide-open plains and warm climate ensure that foliage is never too dense to sight animals. We propose staying in one of the private conservancies that border the national reserve. These exclusive reserve areas provide uncrowded game-watching, walking safaris, and night game drives while staying at some of Kenya’s greatest luxury wildlife safari lodges.

The Laikipia high plains, located northeast of the Great Rift Valley, are becoming known as one of Kenya’s best-kept secrets. The Laikipia region, which is nearly the size of Wales, is home to some of Kenya’s most exciting conservation success stories, such as the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which is a refuge for black and white rhinos as well as Grevy’s zebra. This undiscovered treasure attracts few visitors and offers superb family-friendly safari hotels and camps. On your 2023 Kenya wildlife safari in Laikipia, you won’t need to avoid crowds.

Gorilla and Wildlife in Uganda.

There are only approximately 1019 mountain gorillas remaining on the planet, and seeing these highly endangered animals in their natural habitat is the only chance to view them because they cannot thrive in captivity. No other wildlife encounter compares to sitting with endangered gorillas in their native environment and seeing their unique family dynamics. Uganda’s emerald rainforests are ideal for gorilla trekking, the continent’s most dramatic wildlife encounter, and the country’s trekking permits are among the most economical in Africa.

In addition, Uganda allows you to supplement your gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga Gorilla national park with unique chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park in the western par and superb wildlife viewing in the world-famous Queen Elizabeth National Park. Look no farther than Uganda for some of the most diverse African wildlife safari vacations in 2023.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a World Heritage Site with both montane and lowland forest, providing a lush environment for 350 bird species, 220 butterfly species, 120 animal species, and many more reptiles and amphibians. The park’s endangered mountain gorilla population has expanded to around half of the world’s population, thanks to tourism revenue. To complement your amazing gorilla trekking journey, there are wonderful hotel alternatives in and around the jungle.

2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa
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Explore the vast savannah lands in Tanzania.

Safari may be found practically anywhere in Tanzania. It’s been a way of life for decades here. Few African places can compete with Tanzania’s tremendous diversity of animals and scenery. A Tanzania safari offers one interesting experience after another, from the endless plains of the Serengeti to the beaches and coral reefs of sunny Zanzibar. In 2023, the country will have some of the most visitor-friendly COVID-19 entrance criteria for East African wildlife safari excursions, having been one among the first on the continent to reopen for foreign visitors.

Tanzania’s largest national park is Ruaha. Despite its vastness, it is only home to a few lodges and campgrounds. This has bolstered Ruaha’s reputation as the country’s best-kept secret, particularly when it comes to game watching, since the park’s diversity of species is matched by its massive numbers. It is home to East Africa’s greatest elephant herds and provides exceptional sightings of predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah, and the critically endangered wild dog. In 2022, Ruaha will provide some of the greatest African safaris for adventurous travelers looking for stunningly wild and off-the-beaten-path experiences, 2023 Top Safari Destinations in East Africa.

The Nyerere National Park, also known as Selous national park, like Ruaha, is part of the lesser-known Southern Tanzania safari zone. Nyerere, unlike Tanzania’s famed safari locations such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, is remote, large (nearly 1.5 times the area of Switzerland!), and teeming with animals. Most safari travelers are unaware that it provides a tremendously diversified African safari experience in one spot.

The huge Rufiji River is the lifeline and distinguishing characteristic of Nyerere. The Rufiji, which is made up of interconnecting lakes and palm-fringed waterways, is home to a large number of hippo and Jurassic-size crocs, as well as mega-herds of elephant and an astonishing assortment of birds.

Enjoy White Sandy Beaches in Zanzibar.

Safari days may be long, dusty, and action-packed. As a result, we always recommend capping your Tanzania wildlife safari with some well-deserved leisure on a beautiful island like Zanzibar: the ideal grand finale to your Tanzania wildlife safari.

The island of Zanzibar, easily accessible from the mainland, is a wonderful location with powder-soft beaches backed by undulating palm palms and lapped by the warm, gin-clear seas of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is known for its lazy days in the sun and delightfully fresh cuisine, but if you want to be a little more active, there are great snorkeling and scuba diving conditions to enjoy.


Rwanda, located in the Albertine Rift, is one of Africa’s most biodiverse places and a sanctuary for rainforest endemism. Its most famous wild creature is the Virunga Massif’s famed mountain gorilla.

Volcanoes National Park is a World Heritage Site that is part of the broader Virunga Massif transboundary conservation area. It is home to 604 mountain gorillas, as well as a variety of other rainforest species.

Meanwhile, in the previous eight years, Akagera National Park has seen a remarkable metamorphosis, with poaching virtually abolished and wildlife flourishing.

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