The 8 Virunga Volcano Mountains

The 8 Virunga Volcano Mountains

The 8 Virunga Volcano Mountains

The 8 Virunga Volcano Mountains: The Virunga is a chain of Volcanic Mountains in East Africa that’s shared between Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. These mountains are part of the Great Rift Valley.

The word Virunga is and English word derived from Kinyarwanda word “Ibirunga” to meat “Mountains”

The Virunga region comprises of 8 major volcanoe ranges located in the area between Lake Edward and Lake Kivu near the great East African rift valley.

The 8 volcanic ranges in this region include Mount Karisimbi the highest at 4,507 metres, followed by Mount Mikeno at 4437 metres, Mount Muhabura at 4,127 metres, Mount Bisoke at 3711 metres, Mount Sabyinyo at 36711 metres, Mount Gahinga at 3470 metres, Mount Nyiragongo at 3470 metres and lastly Nyamurangira at 3,058 metres.

Among the eight Volcanoes, three are still active and the rest are said to be extinct. The tallest of all Mountains Is Karisimbi which stands at 4,507 meters.

All these mountains are surrounded by bamboo and mountain forest covers. The shortest of all the eight volcanoes is Nyamurangira which lies at 3,058 Meters.

Most of these mountains derive their names from the geographical characteristics and appearance. For example Mountain Sabinyo which means “Old man’s Teeth” which depicts the physical appearance of this mountain which looks like an old man’s tooth.

There is a point in Uganda called the kanaba gap on the kabale -kisoro road where you can see all five of the eight volcanoes and it it really and exciting experience.

As you think of gorilla tracking in DRC, you should think of hiking one of these amazing mountains.  The Scenery you will for example have when you reach the peak of the tallest mountain Karisimbi will blow your mind. Wish you an excellent adventure.

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