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Activities to do around Lake Bunyonyi

Activities to do around Lake Bunyonyi : Lake Bunyonyi is a scenic lake which is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and is a place where tourists can engage in various activities.

Some of the activities which can be done around Lake Bunyonyi include canoeing, community tours, bird watching, swimming, island tours, zip lining, nature walks, mountain biking among others.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

When visiting Lake Bunyonyi, tourists can engage in canoe rides on the calm waters while enjoying views of the terraced hills.

Canoe rides can also be used to get from one island to another on Lake Bunyonyi which has about 29 islands. The canoes are also used to get to the different hills which surround the lake.

The canoeing tour around Lake Bunyonyi can be done at different times of day including the morning, afternoon and night. The locals operate the canoes which are a commonly used to get to the different islands on the lake.

Tourists can also take part in paddling the boats during the canoe ride with guidance of a local guide. In the evenings, the sunset is also a beautiful sight to enjoy during a boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi.

Community tours around Lake Bunyonyi

During tours around Lake Bunyonyi, tourists can also engage in community tours and interact with the locals and get to know more about their culture and way of life.

Community tours around Lake Bunyonyi involve interactions with locals like the Batwa pygmies. These visits also involve going to the plantations, visiting the local markets and homesteads, learning how to prepare local food among other exciting activities.

Batwa tours around Lake Bunyonyi involve interacting with the Batwa pygmies and experiencing their unique culture and getting to know more about their history. They welcome tourists with songs and dance during the cultural experience.

A variety of items are sold at the local markets around Lake Bunyonyi including foodstuff, local crafts, clothing and fruits among others. The Ruhinda market is where tourists can interact with the locals and get to know more about the island.

Bird watching around Lake Bunyonyi

There are various bird species which can be seen during bird watching experiences around Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi is home to over 200 bird species and they include Grey crowned cranes, Pied kingfisher, Malachite kingfisher, Cinnamon-chested Bee eater, Bronzy sun bird, Pied wagtail, Grey shrike, Black heron, Great cormorant, Pied wagtail, Hadada Ibis, Cardinal woodpecker among others.

The lake has different spots where bird watching can be done during tours around Lake Bunyonyi such as the swampy areas, by the water shores and forests around the lake. The bird watching tours can be combined with boat rides to spot the different bird species in the area.

The activity can take place for a full day during a relaxing holiday in Lake Bunyonyi and also as a half day excursion.

Swimming in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the lakes which are safe for swimming during tours around south western Uganda.

It is safe to go swimming in Lake Bunyonyi which is known for being free from crocodiles and hippos. Considering that the lake is the deepest lake in Uganda, it is also important to swim with care especially for learners.

Tourists can swim throughout the day while relaxing on Lake Bunyonyi and there are also lodges with swimming pools around the lake. The lake is also free of Bilharzia which makes it a good destination for swimming.

Those who cannot swim can also relax by the shores of Lake Bunyonyi while enjoying the sun and views.

Island tours around Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi has 29 islands which can be visited during tours around the destination and they can be accessed by boat.

Some of the islands found around Lake Bunyonyi include the punishment island also known as Akampene island, Kahungye island, Bushara island, Bwama island, Bacuranuka island among others.

Each of the islands around Lake Bunyonyi has different attractions such as bird species and wildlife species and tourists popularly visit the punishment island. The Punishment island is a place where the locals banished pregnant unmarried females. This was done by the Bakiga tribe who abandoned the girls on the island.

On Kahugye island, tourists can take part in nature walks during their tours around Lake Bunyonyi. Animals such as waterbucks, zebras and impalas can be seen when visiting this island which also consists of forests.

Lake Bunyonyi also has an upside down island which is the Bucuranuka island which according to a local folktale was turned upside down because some of the local men refused to offer an old woman who cursed the island and the men died after the island turned.

Zip lining around Lake Bunyonyi

Another activity which is done during tours around Lake Bunyonyi is zip lining which takes place across the lake.

Safety equipment is provided for tourists to use during the zip lining experience on Lake Bunyonyi. Tourists can get close to the water and even touch the surface during the zip line activity which can be done by locals and also foreigners.

Mountain biking around Lake Bunyonyi

Tourists can also engage in mountain biking during their tours around Lake Bunyonyi while exploring the hills around the lake.

During the biking experience, tourists can view the islands and the lake and also explore the different towns around Lake Bunyonyi. A local guide leads the way during the bike ride around the lake.

The bikes can be hired for tourists to engage in the biking excursion around Lake Bunyonyi which can take a few hours.

Activities to do around Lake Bunyonyi
Mountain biking around Lake Bunyonyi

Nature walks around Lake Bunyonyi

Nature walks can also be done during tours around Lake Bunyonyi and this activity is done with local guides who are knowledgeable of the island.

The walks provide tourists with a scenic view of Lake Bunyonyi and its surroundings and can also be combined with short hikes around the destination.

Many other activities can also be done around the lake including picnics and also camping.

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