Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa

Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa; Africa being the only continent in the world with the presence of the endangered mountain gorilla species in their natural habitat in the world, you will definitely have to book a flight to Africa if you are interested in these primates. The mountain gorilla is the largest of the ape family that consists of the chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans as of today. The previously named largest ape was the gigantopithecus blacki that is now non-existent making the Grauer’s gorillas the largest existing ape and these can only be visited in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.  Are you on a budget but still fancy meeting eye to eye with the mountain gorillas in their wild space, this is the article for you on some pointers to check that could reduce the price to fit in your budget. Most travellers think backpacking is obviously making your own arrangements but if you add up all the costs that go in arranging a trip on your own with different service providers, you may find you spent more than you could have if only you had contacted the right operator like us as we have rates for all classes according to your budget with our negotiated rates.

The gorilla trekking permit is undoubtedly expensive as you will have to part with a few hundred dollars for this magical experience in all the gorilla parks. The gorilla permit for Rwanda will cost you 1,500 USD all season which is the most expensive of all three destinations. For those who would love to visit Uganda will have to pay 600 USD if you plan on traveling before July 2020 as after that the gorilla permit will be sold at 700 USD per permit as communicated earlier in August 2019. The Democratic republic of Congo also offers the gorilla trekking experience and a permit goes for 400 USD however, they offer the permits at half the price that is 200 USD during the wet seasons of mid-October to mid-December. All the permit prices are determined by the nature protection authorities of the region and also standards of the economy and conservation plans of the parks all determine these prices.

While planning to take on a gorilla trip on a backpacking budget, firstly look out for the companies offering great deals like Explore Rwanda tours whose rates are unbeatable on the market. You may have the negative mentality of companies being more expensive which is not the case as tour operators have special rates on most of the services like accommodation where they receive a tour operator rate which you won’t be able to claim as an individual booker so this brings down your expected expense on accommodation.

You could opt to hire a 4WD vehicle which is more affordable instead of the land cruisers that have higher fuel consumption and hire per day is much more compared to a super custom or van and we have that option as well of hiring a more affordable vehicle yet also good and comfortable for your gorilla trekking safari. Our super custom vans are tourist vehicles so they are up to the tourist standard so you will be able to get your money’s worth.

Booking early could also be a plus for your backpacker’s budget trip as it helps you get organized and pick out the best time to visit a destination according to the season and you are able to organize enough funds and make a budget to avoid unnecessary expenses due to short timing and desperacy. You are advisable to book your trip at least 6 months in advance also this gives you time to grab any opportunity of an offer if any during that time frame. Permits sometimes are sold out and if you are late, you may end up buying it at a higher price due to the high demand so booking your trip early is a point to consider.

You can put up a payment scheme with your chosen operator where you can send in deposits per month or per time agreed upon so as to enjoy your dream safari. We have great payment options that we can discuss where you can send in small amounts until your date of travel comes without pressure. We would just need a commitment fee to start this plan and we are good to go and will start making arrangements for your safari.

Ensure to book into an accommodation that is close to your starting point for the treks and this applies mostly to clients who are opting for handling their transfers as it will be cheaper to access to and from your hotel and the starting point for the treks as compared to if you were staying far, the cost in transportation may be higher.

Pack right for the gorilla safari (Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa) so as to avoid spending extra money buying the necessities for the hike. Ensure to read and also ask your operator on what you will need for your safaris like hiking gear, water bottles, cover-up and warm clothes and a great camera with extra batteries to mention but a few.

Also, check to ensure you have some loose cash for tips and minor expenses also check if it is necessary to change your foreign currency to the local currency or the foreign currency is acceptable and commonly used.

Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa
Ready travelers on a gorilla trek in Virunga National Park – Backpacker on a Gorilla trek in Africa

You may check out some camping options for the destinations you are visiting as it could save you some money as compared to staying in a hotel however this needs if you are well equipped with camping equipment if not, this could end up being more expensive than booking budget accommodation.

Analyze your plan for the tour and mark the points where you may need to spend money as this helps you control the unnecessary expenditures only to run short of money on the trip and be forced to go into more than you had planned for that trip.

You should make away with that saying or belief that booking through a company is more expensive as we have much more ways of helping you spend less and enjoying yourself and getting the value of your money and this can be only possible if you choose the right tour operator to handle your safari bookings like Explore Rwanda tours.

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