Best time to hike Nyiragongo

Best time to hike Nyiragongo

Best time to hike Nyiragongo

Best time to hike Nyiragongo: Mountain Nyiragongo is an active volcano and lots of people have questions on which is the best time to visit Nyiragongo.  Well the fact that it is an active volcano should not stop you from seeing the magnificent scenery that this mountain will offer you.

Like any other destination, before visiting it is important that you do a little bit of research about the best time to visit and lots of other things about this destination.

The DRC is warm and sunny throughout the year on the general outlook but the country is too big and different regions experience different climate all together. The major thing you may just need to note is that there is a dry and wet season.

Nyiragongo in particular can be visited throughout the year but keeping in mind the unpredictable weather this being a mountain.

Of course there are months with regular rain and there are those with no rain. Nyiragongo is in the middle of a tropical rain forest and in normal circumstances March to May and November tent to be rainy months.

June to October and December are usually the dry moths. The rest of the months could have a mix of both the rains and the sun.

The dry months usually give a clear opportunity for photography as the skies are always clear. Here you re able to capture the stunning views.

Hiking this mountain can be an all year round things and its up to you to choose which is the suitable time to do it because even in the dry months it is most likely to rain and therefore the rains should be a small factor in choosing when you want to hike.

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