Congo VISA


Congo Visas are not so hard to get though, it happens to be a process where one needs to be keen to be sure where to get them to enjoy there time in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When traveling to a foreign country, that is, a country that is not your home country, there are several things you have to check and one of the most important is the VISA among other documents. You may need to research about the majorly needed documents of a country or if you are lucky and have access to someone who has visited the place, they could help and give you a clearer detail of what you must carry so as to avoid last-minute surprises.

88% of the foreign countries need a VISA whereas there are some countries that one will not need to apply for a VISA but instead use their passport, for example, Ugandan passport holders can access Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania without a visa. Also Canadians and Americans may not need a visa to visit each other’s countries.

The major documents to check for when traveling, are valid are a valid passport i.e. expiry should be at least 6 months ahead of travel date. Also, check if you have a valid yellow fever card as it is the most requested for a medical card. This yellow fever card should be valid i.e. within a 10-year time frame given or else you will have to get a new shot and get an updated card. Also, be sure to apply for the right visa in accordance to what your purpose of visit is. Always check if the visa you are applying for is a business visa to find out if you are to go on a business trip or tourist visa for this case. Most countries are lenient on the terms of acquiring a tourist VISA as long as you have booked a tour and the tourist VISA is usually cheaper. This tourist VISA, however, does not permit the holder to carry out any business transactions in the country and if caught, you could be penalized or acted upon lawfully. You are only restricted to leisure purposes and for a specified period of time most cases 2 to 3 weeks. If you would like to extend your time in the country, you would have to visit your country’s embassy to get an extension.

To visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, one will have to apply for a VISA. If you are coming with the intention of touring, you would have to get in touch with the Virunga National Park or Kahuzi Biega National Park after booking a tour package so as to assist you but you will not be issued a VISA without first buying a tour package. You can also get in touch with a trusted tour operator to guide you with this process. All you would need to provide them with would be a copy of your valid passport and then book a package. This Congo tourist visa costs 105 USD. You will need to apply for this VISA at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead of your travel date as it cannot be gotten on arrival. Please ensure your visa is ready before you reach the Goma border or Rusizi 1 border because once you do not have a VISA, chances of you being turned away at the border and not being allowed access to the country are high. The tourist VISA of the Virunga national park is processed and released by the “Directorate General of Migration” DGM of Congo but the visa fees are regulated by the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Interior, Decentralization & Security of DRC. The DRC tourist VISA is valid for 14 days but can be extended at an extra charge though. 

You will need a valid passport copy preferably one. Travelers with 2 passports are advised to ensure to use one to make all bookings and transfers for that trip to avoid confusion at several checkpoints. You will also need to have a defined point of address in Congo or a person of reference who will be welcoming and hosting you. The VISA issued to Virunga visitors is a single entry 2-week E-VISA that is stored in the database and can be accessed online. The Institute Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) agreed with the DGM to come up with an easy VISA and they also reserve the right to reject an application.

There are also other types of VISAS like the transit visas which one will need to have in case they are flying through a country and are having a stopover and would want to leave the airport. If you are flying into Congo, you will need to contact Ethiopian airlines to assist you with your VISA to Congo.

Visiting Congo with this VISA only permits you to cross into Congo/ Goma at the Grand Barriere, not at the Petite Barrier. The visitors should have a scanned copy of the VISA on arrival and note that the fees once paid are non-refundable and if you want to cancel your trip, please read about the cancellation policy.

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