Cost of Gorilla Trekking

Cost of Gorilla Trekking

Cost of Gorilla Trekking: The biggest question everyone will  have when they pick interest in doing a gorilla safari is how much it will cost. This is one of the most discussed topics even on the travel forums like lonely planet and TripAdvisor.

One you will need a gorilla permit as a must, transportation from the airport and accommodation. Those are the basic requirements you will need for your tour.

It is great if you are only doing gorilla tracking to plan for these days for this trip. One day for arrival and may be transfers, the other for the tracking and the third for departure.

Price and Cost of Gorilla Permits.

The number one item you must have is a gorilla permit. It’s the only thing that will grant you permission to come close to these endangered creatures.

Of all the three countries that are home to these gorillas, DRC has the cheapest price for a gorilla permit with Rwanda at $1500 and Uganda at $600 leaving DRC at $400

 Price and Cost of Transport.

DRC being a large country it is advised that you fly in to Kigali and it a 4 hours’ drive from Kigali to Virunga National Park which is on the RwandaCongo Boarder.

The ride should be less than $100. Alternatively you can save yourself the hustle and book with a tour operator.

Cost and Price of Accommodation

The Park developed and it has good accommodation facilities therefore you have to do your research well and choose what best suits you.

The accommodation may range from about $100 to about $500 per person a night on full board arrangement.

Cost of Porters

It is always good that by the time you come into contact with these animals you are not too tired to enjoy the moment.

Its therefore advised that you hire porters to help you with some of the luggage and even help carry you on steep hikes.

This is not just helping you as a person but you are directly contributing to the community welfare of the people near the park and in turn contributing to conservation. The porter will not cost you more than $20.

Cost of Tips

Tips are meant to be a token of appreciation for a good service but not really a must, even a thank you will still do. So it depends on you and how much you are satisfied with the service given to you.

This will help you know when and how much to tip.

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