Designated Quarantine Hotels for Rwanda

Designated quarantine hotels for Rwanda

Designated Quarantine Hotels for Rwanda : Rwanda is one of the African tour destinations that have been reopened after the global pandemic that saw all countries except Tanzania close their land borders and airports and stopped movements. This further prompted a lockdown closing all tourism institutions to limit the spread of the corona virus. The tourism industry in most countries was most affected as it thrives on movement of people from one destination to another.

After a while, Rwanda saw it safer and important to reopen its gate to the international and local guests looking for an adventure at the different sites. The tourism board and a number of stakeholders concluded on a few precautions as the travel was resuming.

One of the major precautions/ guidelines for international travellers flying into Rwanda at the Kigali International airport is the mandatory 24 hour quarantine. Yes, you will be expected to take a SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test and stay at a designated quarantine hotel as you wait for your test results.

You will also be expected to have taken a test and resulted into negative results at least 72 hours ahead of your arrival in the country. The test taken in Rwanda will be conducted in your designated hotel that you will be expected to have booked for your stay before arrival.

The hotel you booked your quarantine stay in is the one that will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel in the approved cars. The government of Rwanda has been successful to negotiate hotel rates on a full board basis and that is three meals.

The designated quarantine hotels of Rwanda are expected to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on the cost paid but should a client opt to have less meals, no refund will be given. The meals are accompanied by soft drinks and soda but the extras like alcohol beverages are charged separately and are prepared for you on order.

The cost of the COVID-19 test is 50 USD per test and a 10 USD as a medical charge and your test results will be delivered on SMS or email. After receiving your test results and they are negative, you may extend your stay at the hotel at an extra cost or checkout to start your safari.

In an event that your test results return positive, you will be transferred to medical facility for further assistance at your cost that is why it is advisable to have travel insurance.

There are up to 17 selected designated quarantine hotels in Kigali that you can choose from depending on your budget. While in quarantine, you will still be allowed to use your mobile gadgets and electronic devices but responsibly keeping in mind confidentiality of other travellers at the accommodation. There are luxury accommodations, midrange accommodations and budget accommodations and here are a number of hotels to choose from.

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Designated Quarantine Hotels for Rwanda

The Kigali Marriot Hotel, a five star accommodation in Kiyovu state, is strategically located near the Kigali Convention Center and the Nyarugenge financial district. This hotel offers top notch luxury amenities and services with 5 star quality services. You can book this hotel by contacting Zaitun on email at or call +250725 880 724 and a room goes for 200 USD per person.

The Radisson Blu hotel is another 5 star hotel that you can book yourself into. It is a chic hotel with great amenities and can host up to 5,000 delegates. This hotel is 5 kilometers away from the Kigali International airport. You can book yourself a room in the Radisson blu hotel at 170 USD per person by sending an email to or phone +250 252 252 252/ + 250 724 000 028.

The Kigali Serena hotel is another 5 star hotel located in Kiyovu that gives off the rich and rich Rwanda heritage all over the hotel. The amenities and services will definitely meet your luxe standards so book yourself a stay for 170 USD per person  by emailing or phone +250 188 303 324

In the midrange class is the Hotel Des Milles Collines that is a 4 star accommodation with great amenities and staffing. A stay at this hotel gives you a view of the Kigali city even from your balcony. This is one of Rwanda’s oldest hotel and is where the movie “Hotel Rwanda was acted. A room goes for 150 USD per person and is also located in Kiyovu or email or

You may also check out the Grand legacy hotel, a 4 star hotel at 140 USD per person by contacting or phoning +250 788 303 324. There is also the Lemigo hotel, Gorillas golf hotel, Park Inn by Radisson, Ubumwe Grande hotel all ranging between 140 USD to 100 USD.

For the budget option, you can look out for the Karisimbi hotel, Hotel Villa Portofino, Dove hotel, The Nest Kigali, The Quiet Haven Hotel, the Great Season hotel, the Mirror hotel and the Greenwich hotel all ranging between 90 USD per person to 40 USD per person. Get in touch with us and let us share more details about any of the above designated hotels and how to book them. We can also assist to book this stay for you.

These have been measures implemented and emphasized by the Ministry of Health of Rwanda and every individual is expected to abide by them along with the general standard operating procedures of frequent washing or sanitizing of hands, wearing of face masks while in public and maintaining a social distance. Otherwise, Rwanda looks forward to hosting you for on a memorable safari in the country.


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