Discounted Gorilla Permits in Virunga

Discounted Gorilla Permits in Virunga National Park 2020

Discounted Gorilla Permits in Virunga National Park 2020

Discounted Gorilla Permits in Virunga National Park for 2020 have been put in place for the periods of 15th Mar-15th May and 15th Oct-15th Dec at a price of $200 which is a 50% discount for all foreign travelers.

Virunga national park of the Democratic republic of Congo is one of the most visited national parks in Congo and in the Virunga region and this has been factored by many reasons. The Virunga national park is located in a country that is publicly known as a war zone but once you are on round, you realize this is all a media affair. The park is located in Goma city in the heart of the country and with a very busy city. The city is peaceful with people going about their daily activities and this country can be visited anytime of the year. It is, however, important to check with your embassy or the DRCongo embassy in your country about the current affairs going on in the country ahead of your travel and if it is a suitable time to travel.

The Virunga national park recently reopened its gates to visitors early in February 2019 after almost a year of closure due to several factors and since the current operations started, there have been a large number of tourists flocking into the country with a major purpose of visiting the park. The Virunga National Park offers its clients a full-time security convoy right from the moment you check-in with the Virunga park office at the Grande Barrier up to the time you exit the country. The 2019 Virunga news report showed up to 2,500 visitors received in the 11 months of operation for 2019 and with an average of about 15 to 20 visitors coming to the park on a daily from all over the world. 

The Virunga national park mainly attracts the visitors searching for the mountain gorilla’s experience and the 2 Day hike up Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano. Mount Nyiragongo is visited every day of the year and is a 2 day activity with an overnight stay at the top of the mountain in the summit shelters. Hiking up Mount Nyiragongo is challenging but conquering the hike is rewarding from the top with the stunning views of the red hot boiling magma in the crater lake and the other volcanoes on a clear day can be seen as you hike up. The Mount Nyiragongo hike permit goes for 300 USD but is sold as a full package with visa, accommodation, transport and meals inclusive. You can decide to take on the Mount Nyiragongo hike alone or top it up with a mountain gorilla hike. The Virunga national park offers the Mikeno Mist package which is a 4 Day offer to visit the mountain gorillas and hike up Mount Nyiragongo in 4 days. The mountain gorilla trek of Virunga national park is as authentic as can be seeing the virgin paths you take while on the trek. On a good trek day, you can see a family of up to 40 family members. The Mikeno mist package offering you the hike up the world’s largest crater lake currently and chance to enjoy the company of the few of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas has three options basically factored by choice of accommodation. There are three accommodation options available in Virunga national park that is the humble but beautiful Kibumba Tented Camp along with the Bukima Tented camp that is majorly taken up by the midrange clients and then there is the luxurious Mikeno lodge

Virunga national park after the reopening came up with standard tour packages with rates for all visitors interested in visiting the park to discover what the park has to offer. There are two seasons recognized by this park and that is the high/ popular months and then the low season which has discounted rates.

The popular months with a great number of visitors is the dry months of December, January, February, June, July, August, September, and early October. These months bring in the bigger number of visitors majorly because these are the holiday months and the gorilla permit of Virunga national park during this period is sold at 400 USD per individual. There are less rainy days or moments during this time thus the high demands and if you plan on visiting the Virunga national park during the high season, it is very important to book ahead at least 3 months ahead to reserve your spot and avoid last-minute disappointments. It should, however, be noted that the park is located in a tropical rain forest so rains are expected at any time. The park is easier to pass through in search of the mountain gorillas during this time and also some visitors prefer visiting with the bigger number for safety purposes.

The off-season months of the Virunga national park are March, April, May, October, November and the early days of December and this is majorly because of the weather as the region has many rainy days during this period but the park has a provision for the visitors who are interested in coming during this time. There are Discounted Gorilla Permits in Virunga offered in the packages of the park and this offer runs from the 15th of March to the 15th of May and another period from the 15th of October to the 15th of December. The mountain gorilla permit that is offered at 400 USD on a usual day in the package, during these periods you can get yourself a cheaper offer as the permit is sold at 200 USD in the package. Isn’t this an amazing deal as compared to the other mountain gorilla permits offered by the neighboring mountain gorilla parks of Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National park of Uganda whose permit is 700 USD for all seasons and the Volcanoes National park of Rwanda whose gorilla permit is sold at 1,500 USD per permit for all seasons as well.


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What could be your excuse not to visit Virunga national park? A trusted operator will be able to let you know about this offer to cut 200 USD off your Virunga tour package. Just get in touch with us by filling out the contact form and let us guide you on how to get your discounted gorilla permits in Virunga in the respective seasons available.

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