Facts about gorillas

14 Facts about Mountain Gorillas

Gorillas are very fascinating creatures and have various unique features that make them stand out and below are a few of those listed.

  1. Just like humans have finger prints, gorillas have nose prints that are unique for each one of them. They are used for identification as it puts them apart.
  2. They share DNA with humans.
  3. Mountain gorillas differ from lowland gorillas in a way that they have longer hair and shorter arms than the lowland gorillas and tend to be larger.
  4. Their hands and feet are a replica of those of humans. They almost look exact inclusive of the thumbs and big toes.
  5. Gorillas are very intelligent animals that can be habituated to communicate with humans and interpret simple sign language. Please remember they stay wild animals so their reactions are still unpredictable even in habituation.
  6. Both Mountain and Lowland gorillas live only in Central Africa that is in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo only in the whole world. Amazing right?
  7. They are omnivores. They only eat plant roots, tree barks, shoots, fruits, vines and maybe small insects.
  8. These are the largest primates compared to the other primates like the chimpanzees where the male gorilla is twice the size of the female.
  9. Gorillas leave in small groups of less than 30 with one dominant male that’s the silverback who is responsible for the safety of the entire group and is also their leader until a stronger male overthrows it.
  10. These are wild animals but are very calm and passive animals unless agitated then they might attack back. They are very strong that it would need about 6 strong well built men to wrestle one down.
  11. The male gorilla weighs about 400 pounds while the female weighs about 200 pounds.
  12. Another interesting fact is these animals make a new nest every night where they sleep.
  13. Their life span is estimated to be around 35 years.
  14. Their gestation period is 8.5 months and gives birth to one offspring.


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