Getting to Virunga National Park

Getting to Virunga National Park

Getting to Virunga National Park

Getting to Virunga National Park is a very exciting and interesting journey that a traveler will enjoy as they head to Congo for the tour activities. Virunga national park is home to Africa’s most active volcanoes that will offer exceptional views once you visit the park. The active volcanoes in the park are part of the virunga mountain chains that are shared by the Democratic republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda which are located in three national parks that is virunga national park, mgahinga national park and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. The Virunga Mountains include mount Nyamuragira, Mount Mikeno, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Muhabura, Mount Bisoke, Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, and Mount Nyiragongo.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is known for having a number tourism attractions, and being one of the countries with a number of natural resources like wildlife, minerals, water bodies, swamps, marshes, a number of vegetation covers, landforms like the mountains, hills, plateaus among other natural landforms which make the country one of the best safari destinations to visit while in Africa.

Most of the natural resources including the minerals, different vegetation covers, the water bodies the wildlife are protected in national parks like Kahuzi Biega national park, Maiko national parks, Noubali Ndoki national park, Salonga national park and Ntokou Pikounda national park among other Congo National parks in the country but one of the national parks in Congo that should not be missed out to be visited is virunga national park which has a lot to offer for its visitors which fulfill all their wildlife needs.

Many people want to visit virunga national park in order to take part in a number of activities and see the different attractions which can be seen when you choose virunga national park as your safari destination in the democratic republic of Congo.

Gorilla trekking

Gorilla trekking is one rewarding activity in the park not only because it is cheaper compared to other countries that offer mountain gorilla trekking but also because it will give you a chance to see a number of Congo gorilla families. The gorilla permit in Congo costs only 400 USD which is cheaper compared to 600 USD in Uganda and 1500 USD in Rwanda this is another reason for you to visit the park. While participating in the activity, you will get to spend one hour with the primates understanding their behavior in the park including their grooming, feeding and co-existence with one another while in the park.

Mount Nyiragongo hike

Hiking mount Nyiragongo is another fun experience in the park where you will have a chance to see lava boiling in the earth’s crust. It should be noted that mount Nyiragongo is the most active volcano in Africa that has erupted32 times where you will get to see a number of attractions like the water bodies numerous bird species, as you hike up to the top of the mountain. You can also hike mountain Nyamuragira and mount Mikeno where you will find the different Congo gorilla families and the golden monkeys.

Visiting Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage

Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage was set up to protect the primate species that lost their parents during the poaching activities in the park. Poaching is one of the major problems that the park is facing due to the high demand of meat for consumption, their products which are sold in the black market for a large sum of money. Therefore the park established the orphanage to give hope to the orphaned gorillas by caring for them, teaching them about the wild which is such a nice program once you visit the orphanage you will volunteer for a day by feeding the babies with milk, providing food and playing with the gorillas which is an interesting and engaging activity.

Other activities that can be carried out in the park include; boat cruises on the lakes, birding which is the most rewarding for birders because the park is a home to 700 bird species that can be seen, nature walks, photography with the presence of green vegetation amazing views, camping, picnics among other activities.

Getting to Virunga National Park

If you’re interested in visiting Virunga National Park in order to carry out the above activities, you will have to access the park which is very easy because of the improved transport systems, security systems which ensure that you reach the park without any issues in order to enjoy your trip.

You can access virunga national park by either using air or road transport depending on your budget but regardless of the means of transport you use, it is assured that you will have the best experience before you reach the park.

Getting to Virunga National Park
Getting to Virunga National Park for Gorilla Trekking

Road Transport

After making the necessary trip arrangements with your trusted tour operators, you will  driven to Goma town where the park organizes a convoy with security personnel that is the military that are armed, you should not be scared because they are taking the necessary measures to ensure that you are protected because the country has been suffering from wars however this is not the case for virunga because it is one of the safest places you can visit in the democratic republic of Congo.

For foreign tourists using road transport that are from either in Rwanda or Uganda, they will be able to access the park easily whereby from Uganda,  they will access the park through Kisoro district and proceed to the Bunagana border post on the border of the democratic republic of Congo and Uganda and then proceed to Bukima where you will be met by the park personnel who will transfer you to the park safely without any harm inflicted on you.

From Rwanda, you can access the park through Gisenyi town which will give you amazing views as you proceed to Goma town where you will be met up by the park’s security team that will transfer you to the park in order to participate in a number of activities. It should be noted that by using road transport, it will take a lot of time but you will not be exhausted because of the good road systems in either country.

Air Transport

For luxury tourists, you can access the park in the shortest time by using air transport whereby you will get to reach the park in time without any exhaustion from the long journeys.  Ethiopian Airlines has made access to park easy with the daily flights to Goma town on a daily which will enable tourists to reach the park in the shortest time in order to participate in a number of activities. From Goma town the easiest and the closest town to virunga national park where You will make your way to Africa’s oldest national park with numerous attractions and number of activities where you will have the most exhilarating adventure.

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