How to Travel on a budget in Rwanda?

How to Travel on a budget in Rwanda? Get ready for an amazing trip across the hills of Rwanda or so called “the land of a thousand hills”. This place in Eastern Africa tells numerous stories about its culture, history, nature and even it surprises those who have already seen much in their lives. The popular misconception surrounding the affordability of Rwanda is shunned by an economical travel haven. This discourse shall untangle mysteries which make visiting these charming places not only worth paying for, it is more than rich in rewards. Get ready to experience an exception as we unravel mysteries of Rwanda’s charms.


Accommodation is one of many entangled considerations which bother thrifty sailors and this one is always a big one. However, in Rwanda, the choices are many: from the modest comforts of cheap places like guest-houses and motels to luxurious hotels. Accommodation is offered in all price ranges of the busy downtown in Kigali, the capital of the pulsating lifeline; in Musanze and in Gisenyi. In this regard, the Rwandan people’s benign embrace is beyond accommodation options that ensure any visitor including those with lowly finances is touched by the feeling of hospitality.


It is the same story of Rwanda which is a land where modernity and tradition are contrasting entities, but where the transport network replicates this complication. Public buses—the pillars of the public transit system, form intricate alliances of mini vans popularly referred to as matatus and small, fast, cheap motor bikes commonly referred to as boda boda’s offer passengers a myriad of affordable mobile choices for their Also for nature loving vagabonds, bicycle are ecofriendly horses which takes wanderers across the lush green countryside; wherein each curve offers a new page in Rwanda’s storyline.

The food

Lift up your palate, your tongue, and prepare to taste a musical experience in the kitchen of Rwanda. Ugali and Nyama Choma compete against each other here while various soups provide other bright colors on this culinary painting. These are street-side eateries that serve relatively cheap and tasty traditional meals for tourists.

The Nature

Nature speaks to a lyrical sonnet about Rwanda, a natural beauty in its verses of dense rainforests, still lakes, and various players for wildlife. Hence, in Volcanoes National Park, the most important item comes up as the volcanic peak crowns into an adventurous quest for gorilla tracking. Although these permits require substantial investments, they only return the finest souvenirs ever marked in one’s immortal soul. However, Rwanda’s opulent diversity transcends into other environments such as the Akagera National Park where the backdrop for safaris is painted with Africa’s renowned residents which includes; lions, elephants and hippopotamus amidst the raw jungle.


Discover Rwanda’s colorful fabric unapologetically, feeling no remorse for your bank balance. Curious traveller is called by the vibrant local bazaars which are teeming with life and shades of colors. The enchanting rhythm and traditions of ancient Rwanda are still witnessed when enthusiasts witness traditional dance performances. A walk in and through local communities, a truly experiential odyssey, which speaks of their inner heart of this country. The savvy tourist can go on village tours or take part in craft workshops that may seem small but reverberate enormously against the GDP of Rwanda’s economy into what constitutes the soul of being Rwandese.


Rwanda leads the world’s players in the symphony of affordable travel and wealth accumulation. With affordable friendliness in many beautiful landscapes and diversified culture any tight budget voyager is welcome in this land. While traveling along the path of prudent budgeting, the use of inexpensive lodging facilities, traversing the variety of cheap transport means, eating at local cuisine joints and adventuring through cultural escapades will help you unwrap the layers of Rwandan storytelling. There is always attractions in Rwanda, a pulsating magnetic oasis in the middle of Africa. Therefore, do not allow your money to limit the strength within you; carry your luggage and go towards mysterious caresses of this African treasure. Affordability is not a mere virtue in Rwanda; it is the very spirit of an adventurous undertaking that breaks new path and resets the meaning of discovery.

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