Jambo Jet to fly direct to Goma from Nairobi

Jambo Jet to fly direct to Goma from Nairobi

Jambo Jet is a Kenya airline under the Kenya Airways and is a low cost airline offering flights to a number of destinations. The Jambo Jet operates from the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi Kenya. The Jambo Jet has recently opened weekly direct flights from Nairobi to Goma and this comes after realizing a gap for guests interested in visiting the Democratic republic of Congo without passing through Rwanda.

The Jambo jet will be flying every Monday and Friday from Nairobi to Goma and this ought to make the Virunga national park more accessible. The Virunga national park has also come up with a weekend long safari packages that guests can enjoy weekend long. The Virunga national park safari package offers guests a long weekend in Virunga to enjoy the major attractions and this is a night at the luxurious Tchegera Island, two nights at the Kibumba Tented camp and get to trek the mountain gorillas of Virunga national park.

The Jambo Jet is expected to start operations very soon and the above weekend package will be scheduled to leave the Goma airport at 14:00 headed to your first destination. There are many international airlines that you can book for a flight to land in Nairobi and thereafter connect with the Jambo Jet.

On Friday, you will land at the Goma International airport from Nairobi at 12:40 and thereafter pass through all the necessary immigration procedures at the airport. Hand over your yellow fever vaccination that is an important document and thereafter make your way to join the team that is headed for the Tchegera Island. The Tchegera island will be the first stop once you land, you will drive to the Bolengo port where you will board the speed boat headed to the Tchegera Island Retreat.

The Tchegera Island retreat is on the Lake Kivu and this is where you will be spending the rest of the day. You will enjoy lunch at the resort and cool off from the jetlag. This is a great place for the bird lovers as you may take on a trail to do some birding to spot the numerous birds on the island. You may opt to do other island activities like take on a kayak, do some paddle boarding or even spend the evening at the lodge reading a book depending on your interests.

Jambo Jet to fly direct to Goma from Nairobi
Tchegera Island Retreat

You will spend the night at the Tchegera Island Retreat

On Saturday, you will wake up for breakfast at the Tchegera island tented camp and gather your belongings to leave the island in time for your day’s transfer. You will leave the Island headed for the Kibumba sector of Virunga. You will drive direct to the Virunga national park office in Goma where you will be issued with your Virunga park gorilla permit for the next day’s trek.

Drive right direct to the Kibumba tented camp to settle in for the rest of the day. You will enjoy your lunch at the camp and spend the rest of the evening at leisure or enjoy an evening briefing with one of the community rangers called Papa Augustin. Get to interact and ask as much as you would like to know as you wait for the day to end and for dinner to be served.

This will be the first night spent in the Virunga national park at the Kibumba tented camp.

On Sunday, right after breakfast has been served; you with your driver guide will head out to the Bukima ranger post where the briefing before the trekking happens to meet your ranger guides who will lead you into the forest in search of the mountain gorillas. The mountain gorilla trekking in Virunga national park Congo usually last about 2 to 4 hours and all depending on how far the mountain gorillas may be that day.

Once you meet the gorillas, you will enjoy a whole hour with them in the wild and later leave the forest for lunch at your camp. You may opt to sit back and enjoy the camp or go for a guided nature walk to explore more of the park and even do some birding as Virunga national park is a home to a number of birds. You will have your second night at the Kibumba Tented camp

Jambo Jet to fly direct to Goma from Nairobi
Gorilla Trekking in Virunga

You will leave the Virunga national park on Monday as your driver guide will be waiting to drive you back to the Goma airport to catch your Jambo Jet flight out of the country from Goma back to Nairobi.

This initiative is also a great opportunity for guests to enjoy both Kenya and DR Congo in the easiest way possible. The safari package will include 2 night stay at the Kibumba tented camp, a night at the Tchegera Island retreat, a mountain gorilla permit, all meals and transport to and back the destinations. Get in touch with us and let us guide you with this safari package.

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