Lake Kivu Rwanda

Lake Kivu Rwanda is one of the best lakes guests can enjoy on a Rwanda safari. The Lake Kivu is one of the lakes of the Great lakes of Africa. The great lakes of Africa include, Lake Victoria, the second largest water lake in the world by area, Lake Tanganyika, the world’s second largest fresh water lake by volume, Lake Malawi to mention but a few. The lake Kivu is strategically located at the border line of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

The Lake Kivu is located within the Albertine rift escarpment which is a part of the Great East African rift valley in the western side. The Lake Kivu is a relatively long lake and it covers an area of about 2,700 square kilometers length wise and is at an elevation of 1,460 meters above the sea level. The greatest part of this lake is located on the DR Congo side and about 42% of the waters of Lake Kivu is found on the Rwandan side.

The estimated depth of the Lake Kivu is 1,575 feet and 480 meters making it the world’s 18th deepest lake and Rwanda’s deepest lake thus the must visit while in the area. The visit to Lake Kivu can be included on a visit to either the Volcanoes national park or the Nyungwe forest national park.

Lake Kivu is the home of the Idwiji Island which is the world’s tenth largest Island and is also where the black sand Tchegera Island of the Virunga national park is located. Guests can book a night stay on the luxurious Tchegera Tented camp or opt to stay at the shores of the Lake Kivu. There are a number of resorts and hotels one can stay at when in the area or in the towns around such as Kibuye, Gisenyi or Cyangugu on the Rwandan side and Kabare, Bukavu, Sake, Kalehe and Goma on the DR Congo side.

The Lake Kivu is a fresh water lake despite the volcanic activity experienced in the area as some have been recorded over 1,000 years ago. The volcanic activity on the Lake Kivu is a result from the volcanic mountain eruptions from the Mount Nyiragongo which is in close proximity with this lake. The Lake Kivu had gas below and this gas was exploited as a natural resource to produce electricity until later when it was realized as a danger to the communities living around the lake.

The fresh water nature of the Lake Kivu has facilitated the survival of a number of fish species with about 28 fish species recorded in these waters. There have been other four fish species that have been introduced into the Lake Kivu. Some of the fish species were introduced in the lake Kivu include the cichlids, Leucostictes, redbreast tilapia, the long fin tilapia, the clupeid and the limnothrisa, an indigenous sardine to the Lake Tanganyika.

A few of the indigenous fish species of lake Kivu include the Lake Rukwa minnow. Barbus fish, clarias catfish, amphilius catfish, Nile tilapia to mention but a few.

Lake Kivu Rwanda
Lake Kivu Rwanda

The lake Kivu is the only natural water lake that has successfully habituated the sardine limnothrisa that was only known to survive in the Lake Tanganyika of Tanzania.

A visit to the Lake Kivu can be topped up on a 3 days Rwanda gorilla trekking safari as the lake is only an hour drive from the Volcanoes national park, the home of the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas.

What to do on Lake Kivu

There are a number of activities that guests of the Lake Kivu can engage in especially given the fact that this is a bilharzia free lake with no hippos or crocodiles which may limit the activities. Guests can opt for a boat ride on the lake Kivu for only 30 USD and get to enjoy the breeze and scenery. The lake Kivu is very safe for guests to take on a swim however you will need to put into consideration that this is a relatively deep lake. You may opt to spend a leisurely time at the shores reading a book or dipping your feet in the water.

Where to stay on lake Kivu

There are a number of establishments around the lake Kivu as this is a tourist town and all ranges can be found. The hotels in Lake Kivu region host budget guests, midrange guests and the luxury guests all depending on your budget. For the budget options, guests can look Paradise Malahide hotel, for midrange there is Le Palme Beach resort hotel and for the luxury option there is the Lake Kivu serena hotel.

Get in touch with us and let us organize your ideal and relaxing visit to the Lake Kivu. This is ideal for guests looking for a place to cool off the activity fatigue before they fly back home or return to their routine work.

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