Why Mountain Gorillas are Endangered

Why Mountain Gorillas are Endangered

Why Mountain Gorillas are Endangered

Why Mountain Gorillas are Endangered: The gorillas are lovely creatures that live in the mountains of Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. They are almost extinct because of a lot of human factors that are a threat to their existence. We discus some of the key issues that have created this situation.

Habitat loss

Most of the area that gorillas live in is also inhabited by human and due to the population increase; a lot of people have increasingly encroached on the gorilla habitant. This has with time threatened the existence of these rare gorillas.

Man has cleared forests for various reasons leaving lots of wildlife including the gorillas homeless. This has affected the reproduction patterns hence a fall in population. The political instabilities have also affected the lives of the gorillas.

Traditional medicine

Parts of the gorillas are used as charms by many local doctors in the area. This has encouraged a lot of poaching since majority of the populations believes in these charms.


The gorillas are also hunted for meat by the local who export this meat at an expensive rate to European countries. People also hunt the gorillas as trophies.

In some cases it is the silverback that is killed which affects the reproduction process of the family.

Many people especially in DRC hunt the gorillas for meet and this has put a lot of threat to their existence.

Oil & gas exploration

There is a lot of Gas Exploration Companies have been granted permission to operate in Virunga National Park which is the only home to the gorillas in DRC.

The good things is the oil concentration does not fall within the exact location of the gorillas but the development in the park negatively affects the cycle and growth of the gorillas.

Wildlife trade

There is a lot of wildlife trade in the DRC and at times the gorillas are killed accidentally as the poachers try to catch other animals. The instability within their habitat puts their survival at risk and later may lead to death.


The concentration of people in the national park risks the health of the gorillas that’s why for a person to track gorillas they must be in good health condition such that all risks are minimized.

The human diseases like Ebola and others also kill the gorillas therefore an outbreak also risks the gorillas lives.

War & instability

The constant civil unrest have made it hard for conservation efforts in the protected areas of DRC. Most areas have actually been turned into Camps especially in the 1990s.


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