Mountain Nyamurangira

Mountain Nyamurangira

Mountain Nyamurangira

Mountain Nyamurangira is one of the active volcanoes in the world and it’s found in the DRC just about 25km North of Lake Kivu.

It is also a few kilometers from mountain Nyiragongo which killed a lot of people in Goma when it erupted in 2002. It covers an area of close to 1500km2.

This mountain has erupted over 40 times since 1885 making it Africa’s most active volcano with its last eruption being in Jan 2010 and November 2001. Its eruptions have built smaller volcanoes one the summit that only stay for a short time.

Mountain Nyamurangira erupts almost every after two year with large lava flows. Most volcanoes have a high serious effect and danger to the people around and the environment.

The fact that volcanoes are studied and they are always monitored the risk of you being affected by an eruption is minimal as specialist will know the rough time it will erupt and all activities will be stopped.

In this year 2017 there have been hotspots through satellite images showing serious volcanism activity going on. Between the year 2014 and 2016 there was an active volcanic lava lake present at the summit.

If you are planning to visit this mountain it is advisable that you plan your trip with a local tour operator as they are up to date with the security detail of the area.

The biggest part of the area is under government control but still you have to be cautious and this is where the knowledge of the locals is needed since they know which sectors are reachable and which areas are under threat.

Mountain Nyamurangira is one of the eight Virunga Volcanoes and you will have a glimpse of most of them while on this adventure and there are lots more wild life you are likely to encounter like the are mountain gorillas.

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