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What to Pack for Gorilla Trekking

What to Pack for Gorilla Trekking

What to Pack for Gorilla Trekking: Most people will always wonder what they are to pack for their next gorilla adventure. This is what would go through any person’s mind after securing a gorilla permit.

This gorilla trekking/ gorilla tracking  adventure is your dream come true and you must ensure that you plan accordingly to make it worth.

Sometimes we blame the organizers of your trip but you also contribute to your making the trip a worthwhile adventure. Here are some of the things you should consider packing:

Hiking Boots

The hiking boots is probably one of the key things you should carry for your gorilla tracking safari. Hiking to track the gorillas is one of the highlights of this safari and therefore hiking shoes is key.

Since the gorillas are always on a high altitude and the terrain is a bit steep since these are volcanic mountains. The boots must however be light since the hike can been long most times.

Garden Gloves

Since you hold onto vegetation while you hike, you will need gloves since some of the vegetation can be thorny and reactive to the body.

The gloves will also protect you from the germs and reduce on the risk of any other infection that may affect you through the hands therefore consider having it on your packing list.

Rain Jacket

Usually people want to track gorillas in the dry months of the year but gorillas live in the mountains and these mountains have tropical rain forests therefore it can rain anytime even in the dry months.

Consider having a rain jacket just in case it rains because you will not know when it will rain since even the weather forecast is just an anticipation.

Long Sleeved Shirts / Blouse

Try to put on or carry long sleeved shirts for your gorilla trek, You have to tack in the shirt and also tack the trouser into the boots. There are lots of insects and flies in the forest and you never know how you body may react to that particular bite.

Energy Giving snacks

Gorilla trekking can be short at some time and longer depending on your lack on that day. Sometimes its as short as 30 minutes and you find the gorillas yet at another point you can take up to six hours therefore you need to carry some energy drinks

Cameras and extra batteries

Seeing the gorillas after along hike is very entertaining but capture that moment to share with you loved one is breathtaking.

Its important you carry a good camera with extra batteries as you will have to take a lot of pictures. Please make sure your flash is off as you take these pictures.

Hat and Sun Glasses

Since gorilla trekking is usually done in the dry months of the year, it can get hot at time and you should have a hat and sun glasses to protect yourself from the light and heat. This can be optional depending on how your skin reacts to heat.

Pair of Binoculars

This being an African safari, there are lots of other things you will see on you hike to see the gorillas. It is therefore important that you carry binoculars with you such that you do not miss anything.

The forest harbors a lot of wildlife and be sure to have a lot of extras for your gorilla trekking safari.

Porters for your gorilla trek

Gorilla trekking can be a tiresome activity and therefore you need to prepare very well. The peak of this trek is the encounter with the rare gorilla but you do not want to meet them when you are tired.

It is therefore advised that you hire a porter to help you with you language and also push you through the hike. Hiring a porter directly contributes to developing of the community since this money is paid to t the community and not the government.

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