Rumangabo Town

Rumangabo Town is located in the Democratic Republic Congo North of Lake Kivu. It is a military base with many troops that were previously settled in the region. It is about 3.5kilometers away from the Virunga National park headquarters. 

Rumangabo is one of the richest towns in the area but tourist activity is usually disturbed by the presence of the military troops but this also means it is one of the most secure places with all the security that ensures safety in this region. Rumangabo has always been the center of fights between the Congolese Army and the Laurent Nkunda’s team putting the region through constant tension.

This is also where you will find the prestigious luxury lodge; Mikeno Lodge that is located in the heart of Rumangabo. Mikeno Lodge is a luxury lodge that luxury trekkers who visit the gorillas opt to stay in. This lodge has 12 luxury rooms to accommodate the visitors and a great team of staff always excited to have guests at their lodge. Mikeno Lodge is just 90 minutes’ drive from Goma Town to the gate. This lodge is very secure as it is strategically located next to the Virunga National Park Headquarters. It is also a great bird watching point as there are several bird species in this forested area. There is also a mid-range accommodation in the area and that is Bukima tented camp. This camp is a great choice for mid-range travelers who are not looking for a luxurious stay but an authentic and cozier experience. This lodge was initially a research station but later turned into a lodge for visitors as it was the main starting point for a gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park as it is just outside the park. Bukima tented camp has the best views in the region with the Mount Mikeno and Mount Nyiragongo at the center of the view. In the night, the red glow from Mount Nyiragongo’s lava lake can be seen covering the cloud at a distance so this would be an ideal lodging choice when visiting the park based on all these factors. Some reviews have testified to the experience that this small lodge offers being far better than the stay in 5-star hotels. Sometimes, the endangered mountain gorillas of Virunga wander around this lodge so you might be lucky on your stay and you get a chance to see the mountain gorillas in your compound.

Rumangabo is also where you will be able to visit the Senkwekwe Gorilla orphanage. This orphanage was established in the early 2000s to cater for the young gorillas that had lost their parents in wars of Congo and were left displaced or fell victim to poachers. This center gave these gorillas a second chance to live and you can visit them today to see the progress and also get to know about their history. You can also get involved in this program financially by making donations to assist the center. Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is the desired point to visit by most of the people coming to Virunga national park as you get up close with these gorillas so as you plan your visit. Look at staying in accommodations in Rumangabo. 

Rumangabo is also where the chimpanzees of Virunga are visited and are currently being habituated for human presence. You can now add a visit to the Chimpanzees if you have more time to spend while in Virunga and the ideal package for that would be the Great Ape package of Virunga. There is also a new school that has been opened up in the area with the help of the Murray foundation. The children in the area now have a chance to study instead of joining troops at a young stage. This school has 7 classrooms that are able to accommodate up to 700 students. This is a bright future for Rumangabo town as with a literate community, comes a positive impact on the society. This school was launched in March 2009. Virunga has also added effort and built some more schools in the region.

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