Rwenzori Mountains DRC

Rwenzori Mountains DRC

Rwenzori Mountains DRC

Rwenzori Mountains DRC: The Biggest part of mountain Rwenzori is found in Uganda. Virunga National park is also lucky that they have part of this magnificent mountain and you can hike it stating from this park.

Its located in the northern area of the park. It is known as the “Mountains of the Moon” due to its height of about 5,109m. This mountain is home to the largest Glaciers on the African Continent.

A hike to the Rwenzori Mountains will reward you with scenery of Bamboo forest, alpines, the okapis, several bird species and the snow cap. It is advisable that you visit this place June to August and December to March.

Getting there

There are flights from Goma arranged by private tour operators though most people fly into Beni town and go by taxi to Mustora Ranger station still in Virunga National Park. You may also be coming from Uganda and just cross over to the DRC through the Mpondwe order.

You will be required to pay $200 for a trekking permit. You can pay an additional $116 to spend a night in the huts on the trail.

The park will not be responsible for your meals and the gear and therefore you are advised to come prepared. The gear is universal for most mountain climber for example you need Hiking books, rain gear, and gear to keep you warm.

Those wanting to climb Margherita Peak or any of the other summits, will need to bring their own climbing hardware, crampons, and ice axes.

Bivouac  gear is also a good idea. A Virunga ranger accompanies all trekkers and climbers and independent porters are available for hire.

Porters negotiate their prices on the spot, but the cost is typically less than a dollar per kilogram with a maximum of 15 kg/porter.

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