Is Virunga Safe

Is Virunga Safe?

Is Virunga Safe?

 Is Virunga Safe?  : The Democratic Republic of Congo has for a long time been a heart of instability in Central Africa but it has of recent been a reward for travelers who go trekking and many other activities like hiking Mountain Nyiragongo.

Why should I go?

DRC is magical and it will fill you with colorful and flourishing green scenery. The mountain peaks and the lava lakes are breath taking. The mist and the giant gorillas in the rain forests are also refreshing.

As a visitor to the DRC, time is spent climbing to great heights for epic views, having close encounters with some of the world’s rarest creatures, and wading through thick, wet rainforests in search of adventure.

The DRC will offer you the best experiences and its splendor with a touch of variety is rewarding and deserves to everyone that sacrifices to visit this former war torn area.

Isn’t it dangerous?

It is very true that DRC has for a long time been unsafe since independence in 1960 and routing down from the Belgian rule in that country.

DRC is although endowed with a lot of natural heritage from wildlife to mineral and because of this wealth it has always been easy to redeem its self from such situations.

It has been difficult though for DRC to break its self from such reputation even when in real sense it had overcome it. Since 2013 DRC has been safe both from epidemic diseases like Ebola and also free from war and tourism has been at it has been during this time.

It would therefore be unfair to say that the DRC is unsafe yet in the last four years tourist has been flocking the area and no case of insecurity has been reported apart from those that have happen elsewhere just like any other destination things like theft is common even in the USA

So is it actually safe to visit?

It is very okay to visit the DRC and have a good time. The whole country is although not as safe as areas like Virunga, Goma and Bukavu in the east and the Capital Kinsasha.

It is very important that you book a tour with a local tour operator because they are up-to-date with the security of the country and will advise accordingly.

In some areas a tour operator will arrange armed escorts to take you through but it will not mean that it is at its worst but its just taking precaution.

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