How to Save Mountain Gorillas

How to Save Mountain Gorillas

How to Save Mountain Gorillas

1) When you track the gorillas, you have directly contributed to saving them as part of the money on each gorilla permit is sent back into doing conservation work

2) Do not track when you are sick; Gorilla can contract human diseases and therefore if you are sick its not advisable that you track gorillas since they have low immunity to human infection.

3) Keep a distance of at least 7 meters from the gorillas to reduce the risk of disease transmission and to avoid changing to disturbing the gorilla’s behaviour.

4) Support local businesses and communities near the national parks; This will make them realize the importance of the gorillas since their source of income will relate to them and so they will work towards their existence.

5) When you are through with gorilla tracking, try out other activities in the area, do not rush to go back home, spend a few extra days to discover more about the communities that share habitat with the gorillas. This adds and incentive to their community development. 6) Don’t buy products made with wild animal parts; gorillas often get caught in poachers’ snares set for other animals in the forest.

7) Donate to conservation organizations. Most of these organizations depend entirely on people with good hearts or generosity. Its always important to support them with anything you have to keep their work going.

8) Spread the word! Even if you can’t afford a visit to the mountain gorillas, you can make a difference by telling everyone the importance of conservation and protecting the endangered species. the question of  how to save  mountain gorillas  can be asmwered by the above questions


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