Simplest ways to get a Congo Visa

Simplest ways to get a Congo Visa

Simplest ways to get a Congo Visa

Simplest ways to get a Congo Visa : Getting a tourist Visa in DRC is not so complicated. The cost of the Visa is $105. A tourist Visa is usually two weeks. Just like any other destination, the authorities have to get assurance that you need this Visa for valid reasons.

You need either of the following to qualify for a tourist Visa.

  • Proof of purchase of a gorilla Tracking permit
  • Proof of payment of any accommodation facility more preferably in a National park
  • Proof of payment for any other tourism related event
  • Any other agreement with a registered tour operator.

To make sure you have your Visa, you will have to travel to the DRC and Visas are issued on arrival. Unlike countries like Rwanda that require you to have processed a Visa before arrival, it’s different in this case.

The tourist Visa applications online are only available to people who want to visit Virunga national Park through Like earlier mentioned you can only secure one with either valid gorilla permit purchase or accommodation confirmation.

You can process the Visa two weeks prior to your travel but can only get the visa on arrival. This Visa is single entry and it’s valid for 14 days. You can email a scanned copy of your passport to upon completion of your visa application.

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is key into getting access to the country but its not part of the requirements for the Visa.

The authorities have a right to reject your visa application or terminate it, therefore don’t be too sure, just have your documents right.

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