Tips for Family Travel in DRC Congo

Tips for Family Travel in DRC Congo

Tips for Family Travel in DRC Congo

Tips for Family Travel in DRC Congo : Even if you are well traveled, you  will find trouble travelling with your family more so in a new destination. There will be a lot of questions you will need answers to more so if you have young children.

You think of what they will eat, what you will park for them, how to keep them entertained and lots more.

I want to share some of the most relevant travel tips so you can avoid mistakes and travel easier:

Book hotels or accommodation with separate sleeping areas

Book a hotel that have  about two bedroom suites and not just one standard room with two beds. This may be a little expensive but you will realize its worth it when you try out a standard room. Good rest is key to enjoying a nice vacation.

Make reservations in Advance

Don’t risk making late booking or even choosing a hotel while you arrive, this will be hectic to do with children. Make your research early and book the best that you family will enjoy.

The latter will be a bit strenuous and frustrating more so in catering for the needs of each of the members of the family,.

Rent out equipment

You don’t have to carry all the kids’ stuff, you may need to carry just the essential and the rest you just hire from the locals. Things like cribs, strollers and bikes are a bit bulky to carry

Get Proper insurance

This is kind of self-explanatory, look for the best insurance offers and protects you; most toddlers are accident prone and allergic to most foods so hospital visit on a safari cannot be ruled out.

Choose the Destination wisely

DRC is a big country and you have to be careful while booking anything. Unlike Rwanda were its about 2 hours from the capital Kigali to Volcanoes national Park.

The Capital Kinshasa is 40 hours away from the Virunga National Park. So the drive distance In DRC is long and that means you need to choose what you will visit wisely.

Keep the kids engaged

Regular surprises for the kids would be good and they need to be enticed to keep moving. Look out for some relaxing day for the kids to play and break off from the long drives.

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