Tips for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

Tips for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

Tips for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo

Tips for Hiking Mount Nyiragongo: Mountain Nyiragongo which is also known as the gorilla highlands is the hottest mountaineering destination of central Africa. It is still an active volcano and it last erupted in 2002.

Since 1888 this mountain has erupted over 34 times which makes it one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Well before you think of visiting or hiking this mountain, here are a few things you need to know about this volcano.

The experience is out-of-this-world

Standing on the edge of a big crater filled with red bubbling lava is an amazing feeling. It may actually look so unreal but so stunning. It is likely to be among the highlights of your life.

Trust people on the ground

DRC is a big country and seems too big, it is of course important to check the security and not rely on just travel directories. Usually such books have a priority of protecting their back.

Most of them of course would recommend that you never visit DRC sighting that it is not safe but it has been stable since 2012.

You do not need to be extra fit

Nyiragongo is hiked for two day and they are a bit demanding. Going through the rocks is hard but also the distance and altitude is hectic.

The important thing is that the hike is not done in a hurry and so you do not have to worry. The trek is made suitable for both the slow and the fast hikers.

It is full-board, and it isn’t

If you pay for a complete package to the park authorities, you will realize that the package may lack a few things. It is therefore wise that you keep a few dollars(USD100) in small denominations as you may need to pay for a few things like the porters and tips at the end.

Forget that you are on a continent that is supposed to be hot 

It is always freezing cold up on the summit despite the volcanic activity; bring as many clothes as possible for those two days. Do not forget to carry warm gloves.

Do not forget your yellow fever certificate

If you arrive to the Congolese border without the yellow booklet, they will charge you $70 to make you one. With vaccination or without it.

Mind your belongings

Like any other destination, look out for your property. During the hike you will sleep in huts and it is important to watch out for your property since they are not as protected as the accommodation on the foothills.

You may also tempt any of the porters to steal or even a fellow hiker.

One day this will be the Gorilla Highlands too

The Gorilla Highland program was started in Kampala and later moved to Rwanda and soon it is closing in on the DRC. Due to the history with the instabilities, there are still a study to ensure that once started it will not be disrupted.

That’s why we will, for now, present Nyiragongo as an unforgettable add-on to a visit to the Gorilla Highlands.

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