5 Days Virunga Gorilla & Volcanoes Golden Monkey Trekking

Trekking Golden Monkeys In Rwanda

Trekking Golden Monkeys In Rwanda: The Golden Monkey trekking is one of Volcanoes National Park‘s less demanding activities. The monkeys reside in the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain range, where the ground is quite level and simple to travel. As a result, basic fitness is sufficient.

Cercopithecus kandti is a blue monkey subspecies that is rarely recognized. Although you cannot get as near to golden monkeys as you can to gorillas, their antics are entertaining to observe, and the bamboo woods in which they live are an unique habitat.

These quick-moving small critters live in social groups of up to 100 people and are highly amusing as they swing through the bamboo or chase each other in circles all around you. They’re also incredibly attractive, with reddish-gold backs that match the golden bamboo nicely.

Trekking Golden Monkeys In Rwanda.

The golden monkey hikes are only available in the morning. Your dedicated private guide, who will accompany you during your Rwanda vacation, will transport you from your lodging to the park headquarters to meet your hiking guide. There, you’ll join a small group of up to eight visitors supervised by a hiking guide and an armed park ranger.

You may also hire a porter to join you on the journey, help carry your luggage, and give assistance during difficult portions of the climb for a nominal charge. Even if you don’t actually need one, employing a porter is a good way to aid the local economy.

Following a safety briefing, you will be transported to the start of the route that will lead you to the golden monkeys. Your trekking guide will be in radio contact with the trackers who are looking for the golden monkeys and will bring you through generally open pathways to the border of the forest, where you will then be traveling through more deep vegetation.

The length of your trip is determined by the location of “your” golden monkey troop. The monkeys may travel a lot of ground in a day, so it might take a long for the trackers to find them. Once you’ve arrived to the golden monkeys, you have an hour to spend with them before returning.

The two habituated monkey groups are becoming increasingly accustomed to human visits, so don’t be startled if they jump very near, and be cautious of standing directly beneath a group in the trees, as little “presents” may drop down at times!

The trip does not include meals, however you will be served a light breakfast at your accommodation prior to walking. If you inquire the day before, your lodge will supply you with a packed breakfast to take with you. Remember to bring lots of water for the trip – your guide will supply extra – since it is easy to become dehydrated. You might also wish to bring a snack for added energy.

Trekking Golden Monkeys In Rwanda
Trekking Golden Monkeys In Rwanda

How much is trekking Golden Monkeys in Rwanda?

A golden monkey permit in Rwanda costs 100 USD per person. Visitors are recommended to book your golden monkey permits at least 3 months in advance and you can purchase a permit directly from Rwanda Development Board or through a trusted tour operator company like Explore Rwanda Tours.

How fit should you be to go trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda?

A golden monkey journey does not require you to be particularly active, but it does assist if you have a decent general level of fitness, if only to boost your overall enjoyment. When the monkeys are looking for food, they may move quickly, so the walk can move quickly at times, but the guides will stop frequently for rest.

The hikes can be challenging for some visitors; even if you’re not ascending up into the mountains and the area surrounding the bamboo woods is quite flat, you’ll still be at a height of roughly 2,000-3,000m. Don’t be shocked if you feel a little out of breath at this height; it’s very natural. We recommend staying hydrated, paying attention to your guide’s instructions, and letting your guide know if you feel ill at any point throughout the walk.

The golden monkeys are a terrific stand-alone experience for primate lovers, but we recommend that anybody hiking to see the mountain gorillas also participate in a trip to view the golden monkeys the day before to better acclimate to the altitude and surrounding landscape.

Where to Stay when trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda?

When trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda, you should stay at any of the following lodges at Volcanoes national park; Le Bambou Lodge, Tiloreza Eco Lodge, Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel, Virunga Inn & Resort, Muhabura Hotel, One & Only Gorillas’ Nest, Bisate Lodge, and Songa Lodge among others.

What is the Best Time to trek golden monkeys in Rwanda?

Because this walk is frequently preceded by a gorilla trek, the most popular periods to visit in search of golden monkeys match the seasonality of gorilla treks, which are best during the drier months, between December and February, and from roughly June to mid-September. The terrain might be a little slicker during the wet seasons, which are April-May and November.

What is the age limit for trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda?

For this expedition, you must be at least 15 years old. This is severely enforced, and there is no wiggle room.

When you’re in your group, try not to make any abrupt movements and keep your voice quiet so that everyone stays comfortable. Although these monkeys are increasingly accustomed to seeing humans, keep in mind that they are still wild creatures and might react unexpectedly, so always follow the directions of your guide and trackers. When you’re among the golden monkeys, you won’t be able to eat or drink, and smoking is not permitted.

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