Trekking Sipi Falls

Trekking Sipi Falls  : Sipi falls are located in kapchorwa district in the eastern region of Uganda, northeast of Mbale and it just takes like 4-5 hours drive from Kampala capital city to reach the falls.

Sipi falls are found in the village of sipi in the district of kapchorwa in eastern Uganda and they are an iconic attractions to eastern region of is series of three rivers that flow from mountain Elgon. the view of three rivers can be taken from the community.

On the other side of trekking, the trekkers can obit from the any other side since the sipi falls has many trekking route that is, Budadiri that sipi trailhead forest-forest exploration center or other may start from kapkwach commonly referred to as piswa trailhead.

Sasa trail passes through the park of bamboo is the most direct route and commonly used to peak through steep with the rugged climbs through mbale.

During trekking to top of the falls, game viewing is commonly traced since there are many bird species around the area/top of the falls. All trekking routes have camping site with the water sources plus tents pads and latrines.



 is the main activity in sipi,the waterfalls are magnificent and attraction in their flows from Mount Elgon and the steep slopes are stunning views will make you appreciate the beautiful nature around as you hike to the falls, some may move the village and past the local residence and local guide are always happy to receive visitors who take you through the history of the fall.


During rock climbing is one of the activities to enjoy, this is done and the main waterfall who cliff is 100-meter fall. with skilled guide and safety equipment this is one of the experiences that is growing in population for locals and foreign visitors.

Trekking Sipi Falls
Sipi Falls


On your coffee tour, you will learn about the entire coffee growing and harvesting process, visitors who visit during time of harvest are able have harvested, processed, roasted delicious cup of coffee and are taken some thus supporting coffee growing in kapchorwa and mbale at a large.


The sipi are in inhabited by the Sebei tribe which are said to have migrated from Ethiopia, tribe practices cattle keeping, growing coffee and making local brews.


In sipi area, there are more than 250 different bird species that can be seen in gardens, forests creeks and plantations.


The are several caves around Sipi that can be explored by visitors who love to explore caves. Some of the caves are allocated underneath of waterfall and standing behind the curtain of water as spectacular experience.

In conclusion, sipi is located near mbale town, the accommodation options are plenty and whether you are on low budget or you want luxury, sipi is wonderful place to visit in eastern region.


The sipi falls can be visited in any time of the year and the best time of the year is around the month of June to August as well as December to march since the place is always dry which makes it easy during Uganda hiking Safari.


The trekkers can be accommodated in different facilities with in Mbale town like Mountain Elgon hotel, Mbale resort Hotel plus country home all those provide different accommodations since they are of different prices.

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