Activity Fee

Virunga National Park Activity Fees

Virunga National Park Activity Fees

Virunga National Park Activity Fees; Virunga National Park is one of the Democratic Republic’s blessed parks with the endangered mountain gorilla species, the world’s largest crater lake on one of the most active lava lakes in the world. It is also in Virunga territory that you find the world’s only gorilla orphanage where orphaned or harmed gorillas are taken on rescue missions to give them a second chance at life. There is so much to visit in this park, the amazing lodging as well that is Mikeno Lodge and not forgetting the Tchegera Island that is also managed by the Virunga Foundation.

Virunga national park is a World heritage site found on the eastern border of DR Congo bordering Uganda and Rwanda which are both used as access points to the park. The Bunagana border of Uganda (which is still closed for now) and the Gisenyi border however it is vital to check the security of each border before using it. This park is Africa’s oldest national park and second oldest in the world.

The several attractions of this park are charged differently and they charged are as stated below. These are only permit charges so make sure to book with the Virunga foundation or a trusted tour operator so to avoid last minute confusion and disappointment.

Mountain Gorilla Trek permit costs 400 USD as the activity fee and is the cheapest among the 3 countries that have gorillas. The permit cost is standard to all nationalities. Only citizens are charged a minimal amount to visit these gentle giants.

Mount Nyiragongo Hike permit goes for 300 USD for the activity fees which only includes the hike permit and accommodation in the shelters so ensure to carry a sleeping bag and book yourself a nyiragongo backpack that goes for 100 USD per person for meals, water, jacket, fleece, blanket and sleeping bag. Also, don’t forget to carry extra cash on you to hire a porter that charges 25 USD per 15kgs.

Rwenzori Mountain Trek permit goes for 200 USD as the activity fees for a multi-day trek and add 116 USD to stay in the huts along the trek. Virunga National Park does not provide meals for this hike so ensure to be ready to cater for your meals.

Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Visit is free for those staying at Mikeno Lodge so if you are interested in this orphanage, ensure to book yourself a night at this high end and only one in Virunga; Mikeno lodge and the rates are; a double room goes 475 USD, a single room goes for 330 USD and a triple room for 705 USD all on full board but these rates are subject to change so ensure to check out the latest rates. This lodge is owned by the park and profits go to conservation of the park so why not pass by and even get to know more.

Tongo Chimps visit is also an activity in Virunga. Did you know Virunga had Chimps, well, this is a habituated group of Chimps that will be open for visits by July 2019 so ensure to book yourself the Rutshuru expedition so as to get a chance to visit these Chimps that are situated in the southern sector of Virunga National Park.

Before you visit Virunga, ensure to get yourself the yellow fever vaccination and a valid visa otherwise you will have difficulties accessing the park and always be in touch with your operator.

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