Why Visit Virunga National Park

Why Visit Virunga National Park

Why Visit Virunga National Park

Why Visit Virunga National Park : Most people ignore Virunga national park because of the recent conflicts in DRC, it however like nay other destination have its magical momemts. Here are some of the interesting things that can pull you to visit this Virgin National park.

Only for the brave

Its home to Mountain Nyirangongo which stands at 7,700 sqkm and it has Glacier and is also snowcapped. The park also has a good animal species concentration second to one in the world.

In this same park you will come into contact with the endangered mountain gorillas and it estimated to have one third of the total population and the rest is shared between Rwanda and Uganda.

For most of the time in the past, the park has been closed but it was re-opened in 2013 and since then, the numbers of visitors have increased great deal. This place is no area for frail people but for passionate travelers, it’s a breath taking experience.

Quite a ride

It’s a three hours’ drive from the Rwanda Boarder to the town of Goma the access point of this park. The best place of course is to fly into Kigali as it’s a shorter distance.

The road is a symbol of humanity as you will meet colorfully dressed women and men going about their daily duties.
The magic hour

You will have a chance to trek the mountain gorillas, which you will spend an hour with. This is a magic hour because everyone dreams of this and you have achieved it them you have something to brag about.

Into the volcano

Rumangabo has other attractions – hikes to a coffee farm, chimpanzee-watching, and the world’s only sanctuary for orphaned gorillas, which presently has four young residents.

It is also within striking distance of Nyiragongo. Check in advance that the volcano trek is possible, but if the security situation allows, it is unmissable.

Make it happen

There are no international flights to Goma, and flying from Kinshasa to Goma on domestic airlines is not advised. The best route is to fly overnight from London to Nairobi on Kenya Airways (8.5hrs) and catch a connecting flight to Kigali, Rwanda (1.5hrs).

Public transport in eastern DRC is not recommended. Rely on Virunga’s transport or a reputable taxi company or tour operator.

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