When will Virunga National Park Reopen?

When will Virunga National Park Reopen? There is no clear communication from park authorities on the exact dates when Virunga national park will reopen its gates to tourists. The on-going rebel situation in the eastern province of Congo is creating a lot of uncertainties in regards to the safety of the local people in the area, park staff, wildlife and tourists as well. However, we remain hopeful that peace and stability will soon be fully restored back to the region and tours to the park will resume within the year.

Virunga National Park has reportedly been the primary destination for gorilla trekking safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most visitors to the park usually combine gorilla trekking in Virunga national park with a hike to Nyiragongo Mountain.

When will Virunga National Park Reopen?
Sabinyo volcano

However, following the recent eruption of Mount Nyiragongo on May 22, 2021, hiking expeditions on the mountain have be postponed after a massive crack was discovered on the mountain summit which makes it unsafe for hikers to spend a night at the summit. However, authorities and researchers (volcano scientists) are working around the clock to monitor volcanic activity on the mountain as well as construct new shelters for visitors looking to hike the mountain again.

Virunga national park in DR Congo is home to the world’s only gorilla orphanage, Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage. The gorilla orphanage takes care of orphaned baby gorillas that have been rescued from poachers and it is situated within the premises of Mikeno lodge.

Congo’s Virunga national park being a UNESCO world heritage site, welcomes a large number of international visitors on a yearly basis. The park offers secure transportation of visitors to and from Goma, as well as during your stay in the park.

The park’s southernmost point is located on the northern shore of Lake Kivu, not far from the town of Goma to the east. The Virunga Mountains, which stretch into Rwanda and Uganda, are located between Lakes Kivu and Edward.

The huge cloud-forested volcanoes of this range include the dormant Mikeno, Karisimbi, Visoke, and Sabinyo, as well as the active Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira. The Rutshuru Falls and the Mai ya Moto sulphur springs are located further north. Lake Edward takes up much of the park’s middle section. The Ruwenzori Range rises to almost 16,000 feet to the northeast (4,880 metres).

About the ICCUN in Virunga National Park.

The Congolese Institute of Conservation of Nature (ICCN) is one of the park’s most important stakeholders, and attempts have been made to apprehend those guilty for terrorizing the villages that surround it. On January 9th, the ICCN made a significant arrest of a rebel leader notorious for ivory trafficking, Jackson Muhukambuto.

When will Virunga National Park Reopen?
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Ivory traffickers are also related to poachers who kill rhinos for their tusks, which is harmful to the park’s resources. The poachers also target and kill ranger guards who try to stop them, and Jackson and his rebel gang were linked to the deaths of 19 park rangers.

The ICCN also establishes standards for the operation of operations in the Virunga National Park and guarantees that these conservation principles are followed.

When will Virunga National Park Reopen for Tourism?

The Virunga National Park is one of the parks that has experienced multiple closures in order to improve the visitor experience. The Virunga National Park’s gates have previously been closed to visitors. Previously, due to insecurity, visitors were abducted but securely returned during the COVID-19 epidemic, which needed less transportation.

The most recent closure occurred in December 2021, when the regions surrounding the park were attacked twice, prompting management to close the park until the problem was resolved. After the situation has been stabilized, the Virunga National Park hopes to reopen in March 2022. The safety of guests is prioritized, which is why this choice was taken.

The Virunga National Park in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of Africa’s most ecologically diverse areas, as seen by the abundance of wildlife and plant life. The National Park is home to over a thousand different species of animals, reptiles, mammals, and birds, including the iconic mountain gorillas. The gorilla national park now houses one-third of the world’s gorilla population.

When will Virunga National Park Reopen?
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Wildlife in Virunga National Park.

The Virunga national park is home to a diverse range of animals, including elephants, whose numbers began to decline in the late twentieth century, and lions, who are also under threat. Virunga is also home to hippopotamuses, rare mountain gorillas, okapis, antelope, warthogs, and pelicans.

In Summary, Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo remain Africa’s most biologically diverse protected area. It is home to over 1,000 species of mammal, birds, reptiles and amphibian. The national park also host one third of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas. A visit to Virunga national park can always be arranged through your trusted tour operate company Explore Rwanda Tours.

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