Where to stay in the Volcanoes national park

Where to stay in the Volcanoes national park

Where to stay in the Volcanoes national park : On your visit to the Volcanoes national park, you may opt for a 1 day adventure but if you are looking at a 2 day or more days’ safari, you will definitely need to book yourself into a hotel. Volcanoes national park is Rwanda most developed national park with a great number of hotels choices to pick from. The Volcanoes national park is majorly visited for the mountain gorilla trekking experience and the other primate treks, even the volcano hikes have had a number of individuals making their way to this park.

The Volcanoes national park is an ideal spot to visit while in the country as it is just a 2 hour drive from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali is the first city you will land into in Rwanda so taking a 2 hour road transfer to Volcanoes national park should not be as strenuous as compared to the longer hours one may spend on road visiting other destinations. The Volcanoes national park has been hosting all classes of travellers for a long time so lodges have been established to accommodate the ever growing numbers of the visitors.

There are budget hotel options for those looking for a basic place to stay but enjoy the attractions of the park, there are also the midrange hotels that accommodate those guests looking for a decent and standard place to spend their nights in the Volcanoes national park. The Volcanoes national park is known as a luxury destination so be sure the place has some great luxury accommodations for the high end guests or those who are willing to part with a few thousand dollars for the experience in the park. Read about a number of these hotel options of Volcanoes national park below.

Bisate lodge. One of the most popular and ever booked accommodations of the park is the Bisate lodge. This high end property was opened to guests in 2017 and is oldest luxury property in the park. You can book yourself a stay in this luxury property in advance of your arrival as it is usually booked. This is one of the Wilderness Safari properties.

The Bisate lodge has only six forest villas set up in the forest with great views of the forest and is situated very close to Kinigi a town of the area and this makes it accessible for those going for the mountain gorilla trekking. The cabins of this property have a sophisticated touch mixed to blend with Rwandan culture. A room at this property starts from about 1,654 USD per person per night and all past reviews of clients have testified to being worth it.

Singita Kwitonda lodge. This is another luxury property that you may opt to spend your night in the Volcanoes national park. This lodge is sitted on 178 acres with a clear view of the park and is a property of the Singita known for their spoil in accommodation.

This lodge has 7 one bedroom suites, 1 two bedroom suite and 1 four bedroom suite that is sold as a family room. This lodge offers top notch luxury and a room goes for 1,500 USD per person per night.

Mountain gorilla View lodge. This lodge is a value for money property and a first recommendation for the clients who are looking for a great place to stay that is much cheaper than a thousand dollars. It is a 10 minute drive to the park gate and this lodge also offers breath taking views of the park. This lodge is a great option for the midrange class of guests.

Mountain gorilla view lodge is located in Kinigi that is on the edge of the park. There are 30 spacious chalets that you can enjoy and they were built with a sense of ecotourism so impact of the environment is at minimal. Building materials as well as food prepared at the lodge in locally available and provided by the local people. Each of the rooms at the lodge has a sitting area with a fire place as it can get very cold and a complimentary coffee/ tea making machine. A room goes for about 200 USD per person per night.

Where to stay in volcanoes
Where to stay in the Volcanoes national park

Le Bambou Gorilla lodge. This is a midrange accommodation of 16 standard rooms built with bamboo just like the name of the lodge. Most of the artifacts and furniture at the lodge were also made out of bamboo which is a locally available material with beautiful gardens to relax from.

This lodge has 13 single rooms, double rooms and twin rooms with 3 having a king sized bed and can be made a triple room. A night at this property can go for 100 USD per person per night which is a good bargain for the property.

Volcanoes national park also has the cheaper lodging that range from 50 USD to 100 USD and for these options, you can check out the Hotel Muhabura, Kinigi Guest House, or the Fatima hotel. Reach out to us and tell us your preferred hotel of stay and let us book that for you.

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