Where to stay when in Virunga National Park

Where to stay when in Virunga National Park

Where to stay when in Virunga National Park: Virunga national park is the most visited national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is located in the Eastern part of the country in North Kivu province. The Virunga national park sits on an area of 7,769 square kilometers running all the way north from Lulimbi sector to the south to Lake Kivu. Virunga National Park was also among the first protected areas in Africa and was established a national park in April 1925. 

The Virunga national park is a 10 to 20 minute drive away from the Goma town where the Goma international airport is located and a 20 minute to 30 minute road transfer from the Grande Barrier border building post where all guests headed to the Virunga national park are expected to check in. Check in for tours to the Virunga national park Congo are done at the Virunga tourism office that is strategically located opposite the immigration office at the border. The Virunga tourism office is where you will receive your activity permits. There are a number of activities you can engage in while in the Virunga national park and these include the Mount Nyiragongo hike, Mountain gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, visit the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage, wildlife safari in the Lulimbi sector.

You might be wondering where to stay when you opt to take on any of these activities and there are a number of places to stay for all classes, the luxury, the midrange and the budget travellers. Every activity in Virunga has an accommodation dedicated to the tour package offered. Check out our Virunga safari packages. The Virunga safari packages are sold as fully inclusive with permits, accommodation and transport with meals. 

Kibumba tented camp is one of the new camps since the Virunga national park reopened for tourism in February 2019. This hotel hosts both the midrange and budget clients with 18 tents with the basic amenities of a private shower, double, single or twin bed. There are two main tents that meals are served and Kibumba tented camp is the closest lodge to the border of Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo and is the first option for travellers interested in the 4 days Mikeno Mist package.

Bukima tented camp, a former research station now transformed into a lodge for the midrange clients headed to the Mikeno sector of the park. There are several safari packages that offer a night at this camp like the Le petit Virunga package, the Virunga classic, the Great Ape package, the Virunga expedition package and the Rutshuru package which you can check out on our safari packages. Bukima tented camp has a perfect location as it is a walk able distance from the briefing point for the start of the mountain gorilla treks of Virunga making it the closest lodge to the gorillas of Virunga national park. Bukima in the local language also means the place of monkeys and this is because of the closeness the lodge has with the mountain gorillas of Virunga. 

Where to stay when in Virunga National Park
Bukima tented camp

It is located just at the edge of the Mahura forest with breathtaking views of the Mount Mikeno and Mount Nyiragongo whose red glow you may be able to spot on the clear nights.  There are 6 tents built for stay and better yet sometimes the mountain gorillas have been seen coming up to the camp which is an experience that you would live to remember if it happened on your stay. 

Mikeno lodge, the luxury lodge of the Virunga national park hosts the guests headed for mountain gorilla trekking in Mikeno sector. The Mikeno lodge is also where the Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is set up and guests booked for a night at lodge get to enjoy the visit to the orphan gorillas at no extra cost. The Mikeno lodge is comprised of 12 rooms decorated with a wall build of lava stones and mahogany poles giving off that luxury look. 

It is a perfect lodge for guests interested in bird watching as well and visiting the Virunga park headquarters. Chimpanzee trekking is done in Mahura forest just adjacent to the lodge and is the starting point for the Mount Nyiragongo trekkers.

Nyiragongo summit shelter is the simple basic accommodation where all the hikers of Mount Nyiragongo stay. There are 12 wooden shelters at the summit of the Nyiragongo with simple beds where you will have to put a sleeping bag. Each of these shelters has two single beds and hikers are able to view the boiling lava lake from outside their rooms. Be sure to book a Nyiragongo backpack as there are no snacks or food stores at the top of the volcano. 

Tchegera lodge, is a luxury leisure camp on the Tchegera island that visitors of the park can visit to relax and cool off from the activities done in the park. The lodge is a great honeymoon spot too with 10 luxury tented rooms. 

Ngila lodge, is Virunga national park’s newest lodge built by the local people of the area using the local materials with the biggest part being the lava which is readily available in the region. The lava was used to build the bungalows at the lodge. 

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