Mikeno Mist Package

Mikeno Mist Package

Mikeno Mist Package

Mikeno Mist package includes a three night stay in Virunga: two nights in Kibumba Tented Camp with a gorilla trek and one night stay on Nyiragongo volcano.

Day 1: Guests shall are meant to craoss the Grande Barriere border at around 12:15 pm. They will also be required to check-in with the Virunga tourism office by 13:00 pm. The Virunga tourism office is conveniently located in the Grande Barriere border post building, opposite passport control. The guests shall be given gorilla and volcano trek permits as they check in and these must be presented at the start of each trek be it Gorilla trek or Nyiragongo trek. After the check in, the travelers are then transported to Kibumba Tented Camp.

Day 2: In the morning on this day of the Mikeno Mist Package, guests shall have breakfast at Kibumba Tented Camp and they will head down the hill to meet their Ranger guides. They will be given a short briefing about the gorilla trek before they embark on it. The gorilla trek usually takes about 3 hours of hiking. The trekking also usually depends on the location of the gorilla group being trekked and the difficulty of the terrain. Once the trekkers meet the gorillas they shall spend at least an hour with the gorilla group and after they shall make their way back to  the camp. At the camp they shall enjoy a late lunch and have the rest of the day at leisure, including time for nature walks and bird watching.

Day 3: Early morning at Kibumba tented camp the guests shall have breakfast and they shall be transported to the Kibati Ranger Post at around 8:15am. Kibati Ranger Post is the departure point for the Nyiragongo volcano trek. When the guests reach Kibati, they will receive a small briefing and will have the opportunity to hire porters who can help them carry their luggage up the mountain to relieve you of that stress. The hike up the volcano will takes around 4 to 6 hours and the trekkers will have a chance to spend an overnight on the summit.

Day 4: Early morning the trekkers shall leave the crater rim and descend from the mountain back to Kibati Post. This descent takes about 4 hours and once the reach the bottom of the mountain, the trekkers shall be transported back to Goma town and be dropped off at Grande Barriere. End of the Mikeno Mist package safari.

Included in this package:

  • 2 nights accommodation at Kibumba Tented Camp
  • Gorilla trekking permit
  • One night stay on Nyiragongo
  • Volcano trek permit
  • All transport to & from and within the Park once in country.


Not included in this package:

  • Drinks
  • Nyiragongo backpack
  • Porter fees
  • Gratuities and anything of a personal nature.
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