Mangroves National Park

Mangroves National Park | Parc National Des Mangroves

Mangroves National Park the smallest protected area in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the only marine national park in Congo situated at the mouth of the Congo River. Mangrove National Park highly notable for harboring the distinct mangrove forest covers an area of 768 square kilometers, the park protects the critically endangered manatee population. Mangrove national park is divided into three regions of riverside land area, coastal strip and the numerous numbers of Mangroves Island consisting of lush forests, leafy plants, vines, African oak, red cedar, and walnuts.

Mangroves national park is home to a number of wildlife such as hippopotamus, crocodiles, manatees, monkeys, reedbucks, bushbucks and bird species both forest and aquatic birds such as herons, vultures, king fishers and many more.

Activities in Mangroves National Park

Safari activities offered in mangroves national park that will give you a memorable Congo Safari tour include:

Boat cruise: Boat cruise in mangrove national park takes place on the banks of river Congo in a dugout canoe, boat rides in this park is a greater chance for a tourist to enjoy the nature of the river flowing in between densely forested banks.

Bird watching: Mangrove national park is bird haven harboring land, aquatic and forest bird, birds such as king fishers, egrets, vultures, and herons are seen while on boat rides, nature walks, hiking and wildlife watching

Wildlife viewing: There is nothing more enjoyable like wildlife viewing in mangrove national park, animals in this park are easily seen such as reedbucks, bushbucks, monkeys, the endangered manatee and snakes easily seen in the mangrove forests.

Fishing games: Fishing games in mangrove national park mainly happen on the bank of Congo River where many fish of different species are caught. This activity can be carried out as a way of relaxation from wildlife viewing.

Mangroves National Park
Aerial View of the Mangroves National Park
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